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Status Page Pricing – 22 Most Popular Status Page Tools Cost Reviewed [2023]

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Updated on August 30, 2023. Keeping your customers informed about the status of your website, application, or service is essential nowadays. If you don’t have a status page to communicate this, you’re missing an opportunity to improve transparency and reduce the customer support burden. It is especially true if you are running an online business and your website is your main source of income. The...

Under The Hood: Inside a Status Page Aggregator

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StatusGator is a status page aggregator. We monitor the world’s status pages and provide an all-in-one status page that tracks the status pages each user cares about. But how do we collect and normalize all this data? To get started with StatusGator, you choose the services you already use from our list. For each service, you select the specific components from their status pages that you depend...

Your Status Page Is Useless if You Don’t Use It

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Over the past several years, status pages have become more and more commonplace. They are not just a feature of the behemoth cloud providers like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, but common among the multitudinous rank-and-file SaaS companies that every modern business depends on. Having a well-maintained status page is not just a luxury anymore. A status page is a requirement for running a...