StatusGator Frequently Asked Questions

Can you add my favorite service ServiceX to StatusGator?

Short answer: Usually, yes!

Longer answer: If Service X has a publicly available status page, yes. If StatusGator has a checker that already understands the format of the status page we'll add it immediately. Some status pages are unique and require we build a custom checker. This can take a little more time but in general the turn around is a few days.

To request a service, simply send an email to

What does it mean when a service is "Inactive"?
From time to time there are problems checking a status page. Typically this means the status page is broken or it's format has recently changed and we have not yet updated StatusGator to work with the new format.
Service X was down, but StatusGator didn't notify me.
A common cause for this is that the outage was short enough that the service in question didn't have a chance to update their status page. StatusGator doesn't monitor services directly. We aggregate the self reporting of each status page we monitor. StatusGator is an objective third party which helps to keep you informed of the self reported status of cloud and internet services.
How often does StatusGator check status pages?
Under normal circumstances, StatusGator checks status pages at least once every five minutes.
How do I change the channel my Slack integration posts to?
When you connect StatusGator to Slack you can choose a channel. To change the channel, you can disconnect StatusGator from Slack and reconnect it.
  1. Sign into StatusGator and go to the Notifications page.
  2. Toggle Slack notifications to off, and click the Save button underneath.
  3. Toggle Slack notifications to on, click the button to reconnect Slack.
  4. On the authorization screen there is a drop down to choose a channel.
  5. Simply choose the channel you need and click Allow to grant permission to post to it.
Does StatusGator have an API?

Yes! Email us to discuss beta access to our REST API.

Additionally, every StatusGator account comes with a public JSON end point that lists the current status of all the services you subscribe to. Simply visit your notifications page and find the dashboard URL at the bottom. Append .json to that URL for a machine-readable list of your services and their statuses.