Canvas by Instructure Status up

Supported Features

  • Warn notifications
  • Down notifications
  • Status messages
  • Detailed status updates

Notification Frequency

  • Averages less than 1 per day
  • There were 1 WARN notices last 30 days
  • There were 1 DOWN notices last 30 days

Status History

Monitoring since March 3, 2017

Recent Events

Start Time Type Length Message Details
January 14, 2018 04:38 UTC DOWN about 5 hours Phone system currently down Monitoring - Phone support has stabilized and calls have been coming in steadily. We will continu...
January 13, 2018 08:03 UTC WARN 15 minutes Issue with the Canvas Ticketing system Identified - We have run into an issue with our ticketing system which is affecting our ability t...
December 14, 2017 11:23 UTC WARN 1 day EU and UK based users are experiencing slowness within Canvas. Update - Canvas users in the EU and UK are experiencing slowness and slow page loading times with...
December 01, 2017 17:53 UTC WARN about 6 hours Some North American Users Experiencing Slowness Monitoring - Slowness seems to have subsided at this point. Still monitoring traffic to verify if...
December 01, 2017 15:38 UTC WARN 16 minutes Some users experiencing page time outs while trying to access Canvas. Investigating - Some North American users are experiencing time out issues when trying to load pa...
October 09, 2017 11:13 UTC WARN about 2 hours Partially Degraded Service
September 20, 2017 01:08 UTC WARN about 1 hour Partially Degraded Service
September 14, 2017 19:28 UTC WARN 35 minutes AWS is investigating increased error rates for Amazon S3 requests in the US-EAST-1 Region Identified - AWS has identified the subsystem responsible for the errors, identified root cause a...
August 10, 2017 15:54 UTC WARN 19 minutes Page errors Update - Our DevOps team has a solid lead on the cause, they are working on a hot-fix and hope to...
August 03, 2017 00:03 UTC WARN 35 minutes Partially Degraded Service