February product updates

It’s time to announce February updates in StatusGator. Let’s see what we’ve been working on:

Status page auto refresh

Stay up-to-date with automatic page refreshes for immediate awareness of any changes or incidents, ensuring you always have the latest status updates without manual refreshes. Choose from different intervals such as 1, 5, 30 minutes, or 1 hour.

Improved content alerts for Website Monitors

Now you can receive notifications when specific content is found or not found on the website. Stay informed about crucial updates or changes in the content you’re monitoring.

Improved service search

Finding services is now easier and more accurate. You can search for a service by its component name. For instance, if you want to monitor Photoshop, which is part of Adobe creative cloud services, you can quickly find it using our improved search.

New Slack app is already in Beta

We’re excited to announce our new Slack app, now available in beta with awesome features including an in-app status page, reporting and upvoting issues, improved status checks, notifications, and more. To request access, simply emails us at hi@statusgator.com.

New Services!

More services each month! This month, we added new portion of services to StatusGator. Among the latest additions are Google play, Push security, Blissbook, Frigade, Brex, Campaign registry, Payscale, Mobbin, and numerous others. Can’t find your essential service? Just request it here, we’ll get it added – usually within 24 hours.

Get ready for more updates next month! We’re always working to make StatusGator even better, thanks to your suggestions. Keep sharing your ideas. Should you need any assistance or wish to request a feature, our team is here.