Iframe integration – meet Dark mode

Meet another update for our Iframe integration! What’s changed? This update brings a dark-mode option for users whose websites or portals are designed with a dark theme in mind.

With dark mode for Iframe integration, you now have the flexibility to ensure that your embedded status pages align perfectly with the aesthetic of your website or portal and that your text is readable. The design continues to have a transparent background, meaning the background color of your page will be reflected behind your monitor list. But, the text colors and styles will change to reflect the mode you choose.

If you choose System, then the iframe color scheme will use the light mode or dark mode preference of the viewer who opens it.

The default theme will remain Light as it is today. But to choose another theme, simply go to your Iframe settings and switch to dark mode. The URL for your embed will not change.

Let us know if you want even more customizations for embeds. Text us at hi@statusgator.com with your request, and we’ll do our best to bring it to life!