March product updates

The moment has arrived! Our first spring update is here, highlighting our recent progress. Let’s delve into what we shipped over the last month:

Iframe Summary

Our most popular integration just got even better — now our iframe embed can optionally include an incident summary section at the top. Embed a simplified version of your status page into any web site with our iframe embed. By showing the status of all your monitors in easily accessible, compact format, you can bring your status page straight to your users.

This most recent iframe embed enhancements allows you to optionally toggle on a summary section that displays at the top of your embed. When enabled, a summary of any ongoing incidents is displayed and users can click to open the box and see details of the incidents. Help reduce support tickets by showing the most relevant information to your users, automatically.

Updated TV Integration

Enhance your TV integration experience with customizable layouts. Choose from 2, 3, or 4 column options, giving you full control over how your monitors are displayed on the big screen. For those that haven’t seen it, the TV Integration is a simplified version of your status page formatted for display on a TV screen. Perfect for your IT office or NOC, the URL can simply be Chromecasted up to any screen. It refreshed automatically every 60 seconds and services with incidents show at the top, prominently displaying outages to viewers.

More Historical Data

Our plans now include a specific timeframe of historical data that varies depending on the tier you choose. This change ensures that customers on our higher tier plans get even great visibility into the past performance of their vendors. Previously, historical data access was limited to your date of sign up. Existing customers automatically receive either their existing historical data limit OR the new limit, whichever is greater. So if you recently signed up for StatusGator, you’ll now have access to even more data.

New Services!

New cloud service monitors are added every month, all thanks to your continued suggestions. Among the latest additions are Airtame, Chrome River, Nudge Security, Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365, WiscNet, Sendoso, and numerous others. Can’t find your essential service? Just request it here, we’ll get it added – usually within 24 hours.

Get ready for more updates next month! We’re always working to make StatusGator even better, thanks to your suggestions. Keep sharing your ideas. Should you need any assistance or wish to request a feature, our team is here.