New Slack app is now in Beta

We’re excited to announce our new Slack app, now available in beta with awesome features including an in-app status page, reporting and upvoting issues, improved status checks, notifications, and more. Let’s review main improvements:

1. Notifications: Receive instant notifications in your selected Slack channels, ensuring timely awareness of service incidents.

2. Check Service Status: Access real-time status updates for any connected service or website directly from Slack

3. In-app status page: Access all monitors and switch between connected boards effortlessly from the Home tab within Slack.

4. Issue Reporting: Report service issues not yet posted to official status pages, alerting your team to potential problems.

5. Upvoting: Understand the scope of impact by soliciting issue upvotes from your team.

To request access to StatusGator Beta, please email us at with the subject line ‘Access Slack Beta’.