Status data API: Now available to all!

We’ve just opened up the StatusGator API to all users on all plans — even the Free plan. Previously, our REST API was a feature only of our higher level plans. But we’ve opened up the API to all plans to allow more people to take advantage of our status data. The API limits vary by plan by are generous enough to employer real-time dashboards and other uses.

What can you do with the StatusGator API?

Check out our API docs for the full details, but API operations require two keys: a public key used to identify the board you wish to query. And a private key used as part of an HTTP authentication header. With your API keys in hand, you can query the API in various ways:

  • List all the monitors on your board
    Useful for creating custom dashboards showing the current status of all your monitors.
  • Get the details of a specific monitor
    Allows you to see individual component statuses (such as regions or products of a give service).
  • Show the history of all the monitors on a given board
    Use this to power integrations that analyze retroactive performance of your vendors or websites.
  • Pull future maintenance events
    We also have maintenance iCal feeds but you sometimes you want a JSON API to do more advanced integrations.

Check limits for your plan in the comparison table, and if you’ve got questions or need a hand getting started, just give us a shout at We’re here to help!