Introducing Status Overrides

StatusGator is a status page aggregator: We bring together the status of all of your vendors into a single status page you can share with your team. Now, you can override the status of any service on your page to reflect exactly what you want it to.

There are two opposite use cases for this feature: When a service is experiencing an outage and it’s not reflected on their status page. Or when an outage posted on their page is not affecting you and your team. As you begin to publish your status page in more places and share it with your broader team, you may wish to tightly control the status of each item. Here’s how:

To override a status, hover over the status badge on the right side of your dashboard. A pencil icon will appear:

StatusGator status overriding in action.

Click the pencil icon and you’ll be taken to a page where you can change the current status and optionally the current message. In the example below, we’ve changed the status from WARN to UP and removed the message:

Override status page showing options available for changing the service's displayed status.

Before you save the override, you have two options: Lock it or leave it Unlocked. Locked simply means this modified status will stay in place until you return to the page and change it to something else. StatusGator’s automated monitoring will not affect this service.

If you leave the status Unlocked, then a future change in the status of the service will cancel out your override and update the status and message automatically.

When you’ve finished, press Save Override and you’ll be redirected back to your dashboard. From here, you can see the status of your override:

"Status overridden" displayed on tooltip on StatusGator dashboard

The lock icon will show as Locked or Unlocked depending on your choice. The warning triangle will indicate to you that the status you see displayed is different from the automated status.

Any message you have specified will show on your dashboard, allowing you to communicate issues immediately regardless of whether the service’s status page is showing the issue:

StatusGator aggregated status page example showing overridden status.

We would love your feedback on this feature. Useful? Issues? Suggestions? Please reach out.

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