Introducing: Web Hooks

One of the most requested features from our early adopters has been webhooks: a way to specify a URL that is pinged whenever a service status changes. Web hooks have long been a tool used by many companies to allow powerful integrations. Some status page providers, even allow their own webhooks.

But a unified way to be notified of status changes to any cloud service has not existed. Until now:

Enabling webhooks

Web hooks are now available on all StatusGator paid plans. To enable, sign in and go to the Notification settings page. Turn on Web Hooks and paste in the URL you wish to notify:

Enabling StatusGator web hooks

The StatusGator webhook format

Each time a service status changes, the webhook will POST some simple attributes to whatever URL you specify. A sample is below.

  "service_name": "Papertrail",
  "favicon_url": "",
  "status_page_url": ""
  "home_page_url": "",
  "current_status": "warn",
  "last_status": "up"
  "occurred_at": "2015-04-15T16:48:52+00:00"

The fields are detailed as follows:

  • service_name The name of the service which has changed status
  • favicon_url The URL to a small favicon logo for the service, if available.
  • status_page_url URL to the status page of the service.
  • home_page_url URL to the home page of the service.
  • current_status What the status is now (up, warn, down, or unknown).
  • last_status What the status was previously.
  • occurred_at UTC time the status change was detected, in ISO 8601 format

As a reminder, you can currently set a notification preference for each service you subscribe to: “Never”, “Warn”, or “Down”.

“Warn” will notify you when the service posts a warning or potential degredation of service, and when the service goes down. Whereas “Down” will only notify you when the service posts an outage or partial service outage. Each type will also notify you when the service posts again as “Up” meaning everything has returned to normal.

What can I do with webhooks?

In short, a lot. Just about anything. A great place to start is Zapier, a sort of pipeline system for the internet. Zapier integrates with hundreds of apps and services. You could:

Try it out! And please send us your feedback, questions, or problems.

Let us know what you’re doing with StatusGator webhooks and we can feature your company and your use case on our blog!

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