New in StatusGator: Status Page Messages

StatusGator status pages are a unique way to consolidate the status of all of your vendors on a single page. Reduce support ticket volume by publishing your status page to your team or users.

Now you can publish a message to the top of your status page for even more effective communication. Use this space for maintenance notifications, highlighting critical outages, or explaining your page to your users.

StatusGator status page with example message at the top.

When paired with our new status overrides feature, StatusGator status pages become a powerful tool for communicating with your user base.

Here’s out to specify a message on your page. First, click the Status Page icon at the top of your page:

Then, enter your headline and details on the Messaging tab. Simply click Publish. Our status pages are deployed to a global CDN network and cached for 60 seconds, so it can take up to 1 minute for your message to appear.

StatusGator message editing UI

Please let us know what you think of this feature! How are you using it? What else would improve it? We would love to have your feedback. Email us!

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