Status Pages Now Have Favicons

It’s no secret, we love favicons (short for “favorites icon”) here at StatusGator. Our aggregated status pages and status pages feature the favicons of all the services you depend on, aiding in recognition.

Favicons are shown when you bookmark or add a site to your favorites. And, more importantly, they are shown in the tabs of your browser. Now, your own StatusGator aggregated status page can have a custom favicon, too!

To set a custom favicon, sign in to StatusGator and click Status Page at the top of the StatusGator navigation bar. Then click the Advanced tab and under Favicon, click Choose file to choose an icon from your computer. We recommend a transparent PNG of 100px by 100px.

StatusGator status page admin UI showing Favicon upload

Click Publish to save your changes. Deploying your status page to our redundant global edge cache will take a minute or two. Then you’ll see your favicon in the tab bar.

Ensure you use a transparent image so that it looks great on all browsers and even those with dark mode enabled:

StatusGator status page demo with custom favicon.

As always, if you have any questions or problems, reach out to us for help.

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