Incident IQ vs. One To One Plus: A Comprehensive Comparison

Incoedent IQ vs One to One Plus

In 2023, K-12 software can help IT teams in schools and colleges streamline the process of supporting and managing IT infrastructure, assets, and other software necessary for educational institutions. So, how do the two top options on the market – Incident IQ and One To One Plus compare?

Incident IQ and One To One Plus are K-12-specific help desk and IT asset management software (ITAM) platforms. IT asset management helps schools track their digital assets (computers, laptops, audio tech, etc.). Help desk software typically includes ticketing systems, knowledge bases, reporting workflows, and organizing support requests. 

Given that most K-12 schools have large numbers of students and large numbers of assets, the help desk is a much-needed service.

On top of this, communication between the IT team, staff, and students is vital to prevent an influx of support tickets to IT staff. Help desk software is designed to ensure efficient communication between staff and students, as well as to ease the pressure on IT staff during IT issues. 

Other tools, such as a live status page to display your school’s services, can also help with optimizing the support efforts. For example, StatusGator is designed to aggregate the statuses of your school services (including third-party) into the all-in-one status page, to inform students and staff of any outages/downtime. 

Status pages reduce the ticket burden of IT staff and support, especially when all the dependencies can be seen in one place. This is one example of the variety of tools available to K-12 education to ensure efficient communication. 

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However, in this article, we want to focus solely on the software offered by both IncidentIQ and OneToOnePlus. We will break down the details of each product, and let you make an informed decision on which is best for your K-12 institution.

Head-to-Head Comparison: Incident IQ vs. One To One Plus

Both Incident IQ and One To One Plus are education software platforms designed for K-12. Asset management and help desk tools are their key selling points, but they include an array of features that are also useful for K-12. That said, both products differ in what they have to offer. As a result, we want to break down these features and compare them. 

Below is a table to illustrate this:

FeatureIncident IQOne To One Plus
Asset Management ToolsYes - Includes check-in/out system, asset tracking, and inventory auditingPrimarily 1:1 device management, but asset tracking and auditing included.
Help Desk ToolsYes - includes an automated ticketing solution with notification control. Yes - staff, students, and parents can create and update tickets via email.
Integration Capability73 (according to their page)18+
1:1 Device ManagementIncludes device management but doesn't specialized in 1:1 management.Yes - specialized in 1:1 management.
Inventory ControlProvides inventory management as part of asset management.Tools to record and track inventory are included.
Software Licensing ManagementNo current license management tool.Software and licenses management tool included.
Parent/Student PortalsYes - private portals for submitting tickets and technical support.No current portals, but custom forms are available for students and parents.
Event ManagementYes - includes room bookings, equipment requests, and event preparation tools.Not available.
24/7 SupportYesNo
Free TrialNoYes
Mobile AppYesYes

In-Depth Examination: Incident IQ vs. One To One Plus

Below, we have a more detailed breakdown of some features offered by One To One Plus and Incident IQ and the differences between the two. 

  • Ticketing and Incident Management: Both products offer help desk tools that allow students, staff, and parents to submit support tickets to IT staff. Notifications and routing of tickets are offered. However, Incident IQ has automated categorization of support tickets to help IT staff, as well as auto-population of fields to make submitting tickets easier for users. One To One Plus, however, allows users to update ticket details after being posted.
  • Asset Management and Tracking – Incident IQ allows inventory deployment and tracking tools for each of their devices. Inventory audits and remote deployment are also included. One To One Plus focuses more on 1:1 initiatives but offers inventory management and device tracking. Auditing is also included with One To One Plus. 
  • Reporting and Analytics – Both products offer a variety of reporting and analytics tools. Incident IQ offers asset management reporting tools, but there is no mention of this with One To One Plus. Incident IQ also offers trending tools for asset management. 
  • Integration – According to its integration page, Incident IQ can integrate with 73 K-12-associated services. It is good news since the status page in Incident IQ needs to be updated manually to prevent burying under identical tickets whenever an incident occurs. Integrating with StatusGator for an automated status page for K-12 could help with this. As for One To One Plus — no number of possible integrations is provided. Yet, a total of 18 examples of services could be seen on their integration tab. Some of these services include Microsoft, Google Workspace, Skyward, PowerSchool, and more.

Whilst these four key features are to be considered when choosing Incident IQ vs. One To One Plus, there are other points you need to consider. 

Firstly an admin has to consider how easy it is to implement the product. On Capterra, both products scored a 4.6-star rating for ease of use. Also on Capterra, we can see a review stating that One To One Plus made implementation ‘easy’, and they hail One To One Plus for a smooth transition. 

One notable review for Incident IQ, however, states that the transition to Incident IQ was ‘not smooth’. These are individual reviews, however, and do not accurately reflect every user experience. 

Secondly, customization potential must also be considered. Not every K-12 school wants things the same way, and customization tools help a school tailor software. With One To One Plus, IT admins can customize fields throughout the ITAM software such as asset types, models, and many others. For Incident IQ, however, there are more customizable features such as changeable chat colors, branding, text, and logos.

Finally, pricing must be considered, above all features. Here is a breakdown of pricing for both products: 

  • One To One Plus: No exact pricing is available as users have to request a quote. Quotes are based on the number of students in a school district. One annual all-inclusive payment is provided, with a guarantee of no hidden costs or charges. 
  • Incident IQ: Prices are based on student enrollment, not assets. According to their page, prices include unlimited assets and technician seats. Users have to contact IncidentIQ sales service to gain a quote for their K-12 district.
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What Do Users Say About Incident IQ and One To One Plus? 

Reviews are mixed for both products, which is to be expected. However, a couple of notable points we found from reviews: 

  • One To One Plus users appear to have more success with migration or transferring.
  • Incident IQ appears to be more costly, though no figures are mentioned. 
  • Both products have their unique benefits, namely 1:1 initiatives for One To One Plus and a more varied set of features offered by Incident IQ.


Overall, both Incident IQ and One To One Plus are tailored to K-12 school districts, yet have their benefits. 

We cannot conclusively say which ITAM and helped desk offers more value for money as it depends on your school’s needs. By using our table above, as well as our detailed breakdown of product features, we hope you can make an informed decision on which is best for your school. 

That said, it is important to do your research and weigh up both products yourself too. Every school has a different set of requirements for IT management, and what features you will benefit most from will depend on these requirements. If you’re looking for asset management software and help desk tools, then Incident IQ and One To One Plus are popular options for K-12 education. If you are looking to enhance communication between students and staff, consider status page providers or other tools to reduce strain on IT support.

FAQ on Incident IQ vs. One To One Plus

Q: How do Incident IQ and One To One Plus compare?

A: Both Incident IQ and One To One Plus offer IT asset management and a help desk for K-12, but their user interfaces, integrations, and additional features differ. Reportedly, Incident IQ is more expensive than One To One Plus. To learn more, read a complete comparison of Incident IQ vs. One To One Plus by StatusGator.

Q: Which platform is more cost-effective – Incident IQ or One To One Plus?

 A: One To One Plus can be cheaper according to the reports of the k12 sysadmin thread on Reddit. Overall, pricing can vary based on the number of users, features required, and the specific needs of the school. It’s recommended to contact each company directly for a customized quote.

Q: Can Incident IQ and One To One Plus integrate with other school management systems?

A: Yes, both Incident IQ and One To One Plus offer integrations with popular school management systems and other third-party applications. However, the extent and ease of these integrations might differ between the two platforms. Read more in the StatusGator article.

Q: Do Incident IQ and One To One Plus offer mobile apps?

A: Yes, both Incident IQ and One To One Plus offer mobile applications, allowing IT staff and users to manage tickets and assets on the go.

Q: Can I migrate data from One To One Plus to Incident IQ or from Incident IQ to One To Plus?

A: Data migration is possible, but the process might require assistance from the platform’s support team or a third-party service. It’s essential to discuss migration possibilities with each company before making a switch.