The Top K12 Software and Tools for IT System Administrators in 2024

K12 software and tools for IT sys admins in 2024

K-12 school districts may use 40+ different K-12 software and platforms – from communication tools like Zoom to learning management systems (LMS) such as Instructure or Clever.

K-12 software is designed to alleviate a strain on typically small IT departments. Thus, some software was even built by ex-K12 system administrators, such as One To One Plus, to help schools deal with their unique challenges. 

That said, with such a variety of K-12 software and K-12 tools, it can be difficult to know which to invest in. Some tools are free, others require paid plans – and prices can vary too. With many states receiving budget cuts to K-12 education in 2023, informed financial decisions have never been more important. 

Therefore, we wanted to take a look at the top K-12 software and tools for IT sys admins in 2024. To do this, we have split the K12 software into groups for convenience. With the help of our article, we hope you can make informed decisions about which K-12 software and tools work best for you in 2024.

StatusGator – K-12 Status Page Software

K-12 Status Page by StatusGator

StatusGator provides an all-one-view status page to monitor all the K-12 software and applications that school districts rely on.

Managing and supporting numerous educational applications is difficult when most staff are not tech-savvy, and their IT departments are small and resource-constrained. As a result, K-12 schools need to reduce ticket burden where they can. The best way to do this is with a real-time status page by StatusGator.

A status page communicates status service updates and downtime immediately, so school staff, teachers, and students are aware of IT issues without submitting a ticket to find out why. As already mentioned, many K12 schools rely on 40+ services, so it can be difficult to keep track of these services manually. This is why a status page is necessary. 

Additionally, StatusGator covers customization, and filtering for granular monitoring. With StatusGator, K12 sys admins can keep an eye on the services they rely on, and end users can remain informed 24/7.

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K12 IT Asset Management Software

Given the surge in tech usage and devices that are commonly used in education, IT administrators in K-12 schools face the challenge of managing these assets and providing support. So, this is where IT asset management software and tools for K-12 schools come into play – to streamline the management of these numerous assets effectively.

Incident IQ K12 ITAM software for system admins

Incident IQ: IncidentIQ is a comprehensive K-12 tech support and asset management platform that streamlines productivity for system administrators with device management, help desk tools, analytics, automated tasks, events, and facilities management – addressing the diverse hardware, software, and systems needs in today’s classrooms.

Hidden App helpdesk tool for k12 sysadmins

Hidden App: HiddenApp offers a focused solution for K-12 administrators, emphasizing discreet monitoring and efficient device management to enhance security. With features like silent screen capture and usage tracking, it ensures comprehensive oversight without disrupting the learning environment, making it a crucial tool for optimizing privacy and security in K-12 schools.

One to One Plus K12 software for sysadmins

One To One Plus: One to One Plus, a K-12 platform, excels in inventory management, device tracking, and administrative task automation, enhancing organization, efficiency, and productivity for system administrators.

Jamf Pro device management for K12 school IT system admins

Jamf Pro: Specifically designed for managing Apple devices, Jamf Pro is a comprehensive management system for macOS, iOS, and tvOS devices. It’s particularly useful in educational environments where Apple devices are widely used.

AdminRemix IT asset management software for K12 school districts IT teams

AdminRemix (AssetRemix): AssetRemix is a streamlined platform for asset management in K12, offering efficient tracking and organization of school devices. With user-friendly features, it simplifies the process for K-12 sys admins to manage and monitor assets effectively.

Manage1TO1 for K12 school districts system administrators

Manage1TO1: Manage1TO1 is a tailored platform for K-12 education, offering streamlined device management and asset tracking. It enables efficient oversight and optimization of educational technology resources for a seamless learning experience.

Frontline Education K12 schools system admins

Frontline Education: Frontline Education is a specialized platform for education, facilitating streamlined processes for k-12 sys admins. Features like workforce management enhance operational efficiency and support a seamless educational experience.

Vizor Cloud management software for K-12 schools page

Vizor Cloud: Vizor Cloud optimizes operational efficiency with streamlined processes, making life easier for sys admins. Its features cater to diverse educational needs, enhancing overall organizational effectiveness and providing seamless solutions for efficient educational operations.

SysAid for schools and k12 sysadmins

SysAid: SysAid is an ITSM platform that utilizes generative AI to optimize educational processes and productivity for sys admin teams. This AI can be used in chatbots and chat windows for end users to resolve issues, and on top of analytical tools, asset management tools, and other automation features – K-12 sys admins can expect enhanced productivity.

K12 HelpDesk Software

To help reduce the strain on IT departments, specialized help desk software for K-12 education appeared to streamline and optimize the IT ticket submission process. 

Some key IT help desk and ticketing software tools are listed below, all of which address the key responsibilities of K-12 software – designed to be secure to protect student data, and also be able to integrate with other systems in the school. 

Additionally, they are known to be easy to use for staff and students, as K-12 typically utilize a range of systems and services.

SherpaDesk help desk software for K12 schools

SherpaDesk: Their help desk platform is designed to address the unique challenges faced by K-12 and higher education IT professionals. SherpaDesk is a web-based helpdesk for routing, responding, and reporting on issues. This ticketing software is designed to respond to issues in connection with IT assets and facilities maintenance.

TroubleTrakkerPRO software K12 system admins and IT teams

TroubleTrakkerPRO: It is a help desk software listed in the solutions section by K12USA. The ticketing software is designed for efficient management of K-12 school tickets. TroubleTrakekrPRO is a web-based helpdesk. It can be deployed in minutes and requires no special software or equipment.

system admins K12 software HESK

HESK: It’s a free PHP help desk software, that efficiently organizes, tracks, and resolves customer issues. With an integrated knowledge base, it proudly boasts an 86% reduction in support requests. Though not dedicated to K-12, school system admins mention using HESK in their districts. Recently, they announced a help desk service for SysAid, with the current availability of a free trial.

Freshdesk's helpdesk software for schools and universities

Freshdesk: Freshdesk is a general-purpose help desk software, however, it appears to be a popular choice with K-12. Quite a few schools use Freshdesk, both free and paid versions, and it has had many positive reviews.

ServiceDesk Plus software by ManageEngine for K12 schools

ManageEngine – ServiceDesk Plus: ManageEngine introduces its ServiceDesk Plus as a flagship IT service management (ITSM) software with integrated IT asset management. A support ticketing system is included as a service too. Primarily, this software is not oriented at K-12, however, they point out that their software addresses the challenges faced by K-12 schools daily.

Help desk software osTicket for schools

osTicket: osTicket is a widely-used open-source help desk that consolidates requests from various devices into one unified interface for multiple users. While it’s not specifically designed for K12, there was once an osTicket education resources page. Additionally, osTicket gets mentioned in the K12 sys admins community on Reddit.

GLPI Project K12 Help desk for schools

GLPI Helpdesk: GLPI is an open-source IT management platform with a comprehensive suite of tools. Acknowledged by the K-12 sys admin group on Reddit, GLPI’s help desk is customizable through plug-ins to align with school system operations. Key features include a versatile ticket system, problem-solving capabilities, IT planning tools, data analytics for insights, and automation of routine tasks through scheduled tickets.

K-12 Network and Security Software and Tools

In 2024, security and network privacy in K-12 schools have never been more important. Protecting student data and information, as well as keeping students safe, ​​is one of the more major and critical responsibilities for K-12 system administrators to take care of. 

That said, there are software and tools that help K-12 sys admins to effectively safeguard sensitive educational data and ensure a secure digital environment for students and staff. The security and network monitoring tools mentioned below, such as Wireshark, Duo Security, and Splunk, provide robust defenses against cyber threats, unauthorized access, and data breaches.

Furthermore, these tools empower sysadmins with real-time monitoring and analytics capabilities, enabling them to proactively identify and address potential network vulnerabilities, maintain system integrity, and ensure a seamless and safe educational experience.

Solarwinds for k12 system administrators

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor: SolarWinds Network Performance Manager is an ideal software for K-12 schools, offering robust network monitoring, managing school network performance, and identifying issues proactively. With real-time insights, automated troubleshooting, and customizable reporting, it ensures efficient network performance.

Splunk solution for K12 schools

Splunk: Splunk is a potent tool for sysadmins in education, monitoring, and analysis of large-scale machine-generated data like network logs and security alerts. Its web-based interface transforms data into operational intelligence, providing insights into system performance, security threats, and user behavior, enhancing proactive maintenance and ensuring the smooth functioning of digital infrastructure in K-12 schools.

Duo Security for K12

Duo Security: In an era where cybersecurity is paramount, Duo Security provides two-factor authentication, securing access to networks and applications. It’s user-friendly and integrates easily with most systems, adding an extra layer of security.

AdManager by ManageEngine for K12 school system administrators

ManageEngine ADManager Plus: A comprehensive web-based Active Directory Management and Reporting tool. It simplifies various AD management tasks and provides detailed reports on every aspect of Active Directory infrastructure, which is crucial for school sysadmins.

Zabbix solution fo K12

Zabbix: This is an enterprise-level platform for monitoring network and application performance. It provides real-time monitoring of thousands of metrics collected from servers, virtual machines, and network devices. Zabbix is particularly useful for sysadmins in monitoring the health and status of school IT systems.

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K-12 Automation Software

With a variety of automation tools and software available, K-12 system administrators should consider how these tools can be used to optimize processes. With typically high workloads and smaller team sizes, the more tasks that can be automated, the better. 

Automation tools, for example, Ansible, significantly streamline and optimize routine IT tasks. Ranging from software deployment to network configuration, you can expect operational efficiency and productivity to be enhanced with automation.

Automation not only reduces the likelihood of human error but also frees up valuable time for sysadmins. This allows sys admins to focus on more strategic initiatives that improve the overall educational technology infrastructure.

PDQ Deploy for K12 school system admins

PDQ Deploy: PDQ Deploy allows K-12 sys admins to deploy updates and software to multiple systems simultaneously, saving time and ensuring consistency. With PDQ Deploy’s efficient features, administrators can automate software installations and updates across multiple devices at once. The platform ensures that crucial software is consistently maintained, saving valuable time and resources for system admins.

Ninite for K12 schools tech teams and sysadmins

Ninite: Streamlines the process of installing and updating multiple software applications, which is a common task for K-12 sys admins. The platform’s automated batch installation and update capabilities enhance efficiency, allowing administrators to easily deploy and maintain crucial software across various devices. 

For K-12 system administrators, Ninite proves invaluable in streamlining software management. This time-saving approach ensures that all systems are consistently up-to-date, contributing to a secure and optimized educational technology environment.

Ansible for K12 school district system admins

Ansible: An open-source automation platform, Ansible is great for automating IT tasks such as configuration management, application deployment, and task automation. It helps sysadmins manage complex deployments and speed up repetitive tasks.

Make sure to check out our curated list of resources, communities, and websites to help K12 sysadmins improve daily operations and get support in resolving industry-specific issues.


In summary, there are a variety of tools and K-12 software available to make your life easier as a K-12 sys admin. Whether it’s online platforms or paid software, there are options there to ensure you pick what’s right for you and your institution. Using our list, we hope you can decide which K-12 software and tools work for you.

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Q: What is The Best K-12 Software in 2024?

A: We cannot say what the best K-12 software is in 2024, but we can suggest some software and tools that can enhance your IT systems. The list above goes through the most suggested and most useful tools that can make life easier as a K-12 sys admin.

Q: What Types of K-12 Software is There? 

A: Many different types of software might be used in K-12 education. Some examples are: 

  • IT Asset Management (ITAM) software for K12
  • K12 Help desk and ticketing software
  • Network and security software for school districts
  • Automation software for K-12 schools
  • K-12 Status page software and tools

Q: What is The Most Popular K-12 LMS?

A: In 2023/24, it seems that Canvas may be the most popular LMS in K-12 education. This is based on multiple articles stating that this is the most commonly used LMS in 2023, such as this article from However, what LMS is best for your K-12 institution is dependent on your needs and teaching requirements. Therefore, it’s worth researching your options before investing.

Q: How Do I Pick The Right K-12 Software?

A: This all depends on your K-12 institution and its needs. First, see what type of software or tool your institution would most benefit from. Then, use online articles or reviews (or these informative blogs by StatusGator) to narrow down which software or tool might be the most appropriate for your needs. Then, you can compare prices and subscriptions to see the most cost-efficient choice.

Q: Do schools need K-12-specific software?

A: K-12-specific software often facilitates in running of IT operations that are specific to schools. While an experienced K-12 sysadmin could twitch any software for K-12-specific needs, it may be more cost-effective to go with the software that is predesigned to streamline K-12 school district operations. For example, there are many status page providers out there, but providers such as StatusGator and IncidentIQ are designed with K-12 in mind. This means that their features, customization tools, service coverage, and more will make life easier for managing K-12 IT systems.

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