New in Slack: List All Your Services

StatusGator’s Slack integration is one of our most popular features. Our users love getting real-time notifications of outages from all the cloud services they depend on. Plus, with a few quick clicks, you can check the status of any service you monitor on StatusGator, using our /statuscheck slash command.

Now, you can also get the status of all the services in your StatusGator dashboard with one quick command: /statuscheck list. This will list every service on your dashboard. If you have more than one dashboard connected to Slack, simply add the dashboard name:

/statuscheck list Customer Service

Each service is displayed as a simple link to its status page:

Additionally, you can filter the list to only those affected by an outage. This will include all services in a non-up state such as down, warn, or maintenance:

/statuscheck down Customer Service

Hope you enjoy these features! Please give us your feedback.

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