Now in Beta: SLA Monitor by StatusGator

StatusGator has been monitoring hundreds of status pages for more than 5 years. During this time, we’ve collected millions of data points about the status of the cloud: What went down, how long it was down, messages about why, and more. As StatusGator grows, we’re working on ways to incorporate this archival data into StatusGator for various uses. One common use: holding vendors accountable to Service Level Agreements. Introducing: SLA Monitor by StatusGator.

Gathering data to hold vendors accountable is not a new concept. A robust monitoring solution will incorporate numerous measurement methods including synthetic monitors to ensure a high-quality end-user experience. But after finding sub-optimal performance, how can you hold your vendor accountable? You’ll need to gather evidence that your vendor was responsible for the issue. That’s how StatusGator can help.

Evidence for Your Case

StatusGator is a status page aggregator — it collects the service status published by cloud services and aggregates those statuses into a single status page. We collect data about each of the service components or regions and allow you to get notifications when services’ status pages change. We normalize the data to a set of standard rules, this allows aggregation into a single status page. And we also collect raw data — scrapes of API calls or HTML pages along with screenshots of the displayed data.

All of this data can be used when submitting evidence of claims to your vendor. Along with your own internal monitoring reports, user complaints, or other third-party data, StatusGator status page data can help you submit a comprehensive and winnable claim against your provider. The minimal cost of a StatusGator subscription could more than pay for itself.

Every Cloud Vendor's Status in One Place

A Turn Key Process

SLA Monitor by StatusGator can help you get refunds from your vendors against their SLAs. Our turn-key approach can give you the evidence you need to earn back credits from your vendors. Each vendor is different and the process varies from contract to contract. But many vendors will refund you or provide credits against future service if the SLAs they guaranteed are broken. StatusGator can help:

  • StatusGator collects, processes and enriches data from 1000+ status pages.
  • Then we compare the outage data with your SLA metrics.
  • And we send you an instant notification if any of your metrics are exceeded.

How Can StatusGator Help You?

If status page data for SLA accountability is useful to you, please join our SLA Monitor beta. Your input can help shape the direction of the product. What do you want to see? Would you like notifications when SLAs are potentially breached? Do you prefer raw data or aggregated data? Is a quarterly report useful to you? Help us make SLA Monitor useful for you and your organization — email us your thoughts!

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