Best Incident IQ Alternatives for K-12 in 2024

Updated in April 2024.

Incident IQ is one of the most popular help desk and asset management systems tailored to K-12 schools. They have a strong and dedicated customer base with 98% of its users renewing their plans annually. However, there are a few reasons why school IT admins would look for Incident IQ alternatives, so we at StatusGator explored the best ones.

StatusGator might also be of interest to those who are looking for Incident IQ alternatives. StatusGator is a monitoring tool made specifically for K-12. It provides a status page designed to communicate the status of all the school’s cloud providers on a single status page. With StatusGator, school tech support staff can keep teachers, staff, and students informed about any outages and reduce support ticket burden by quickly communicating known issues.

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Why Look For an Alternative to Incident IQ? 

Incident IQ is designed specifically for K-12 institutions. And their users agree according to the K-12 admin Reddit thread, where a user says that Incident IQ is a “90% perfect product for K-12”, alongside some other users discussing the advantages of Incident IQ. Among the drawbacks that users agree upon is the Incident IQ price. Many Incident IQ users report it to be quite costly, as seen on another k12 sys admin thread. This sentiment is prominent in the Incident IQ community and is just one reason for finding an alternative.

Top 10 Alternatives to Incident IQ in 2024

To help you decide on the best Incident IQ alternative, we explored the 10 most popular IT asset management (ITAM) and help desk software in 2024 and broke them down below.

By gaining insights into the most popular Incident IQ competitors, we aim to help school IT administrators make informed decisions about the best software for their institutions.

The top 10 Incident IQ alternatives in 2024: 

  1. One To One Plus
  2. AdminRemix
  3. Vizor Cloud
  4. Brightly Software
  5. EZO Asset Sonar
  6. Scalable
  7. Manage1TO1
  8. Frontline Education
  9. SysAid
  10. Skyward

Incident IQ Alternative #1 — One To One Plus

One to One Plus home page

Similar to IncidentIQ, One to One Plus is tailored to K-12 schools. They provide a cloud-based service combining IT asset management, help desk software, and inventory management.

Their K-12-specific services and ease of use (rated 4.8 stars on GetApp) make it a top choice as an asset management software for K-12.

They have an award-winning support team and a team dedicated to implementation. As a result, some reviews highlight how easy it was to migrate from their old services. With a subscription model that allows unlimited users and assets, One to One Plus is rated highly by users. 

Highlighted Features: One To One Plus provides a comprehensive solution for K-12 schools, covering asset management, help desk software, and productivity tools. It streamlines asset tracking, integrates with mobile device management, and offers a user-friendly ticket submission process similar to Incident IQ. Notably, it stands out with features like parts management, automated reports, seamless integrations, and bi-directional device control.

Pricing Information: No exact pricing is available, as users have to request a quote. Quotes are based on the number of students in a school district. One annual all-inclusive payment is provided, with a guarantee of no hidden costs or charges.

Incident IQ Alternative #2 — AdminRemix

AdminRemix home page

Known to be a straightforward and user-friendly ITAM, AdminRemix is all about ease of use. Their asset management service for k12 schools is called AssetRemix. It allows school system admins and IT leads to track assets, and manage repairs. As for the help desk and ticketing, AdminRemix provides email-based ticket management. It’s a simpler solution than a regular help desk. Over 350 school districts trust it. 

Highlighted Features: AssetRemix focuses on efficient check-in/check-out processes, real-time asset accountability, and custom reporting. While it lacks integrated help desk software, it offers an email ticketing system for users to create tickets quickly. The service prioritizes security, has various third-party integrations, and supports seamless data transfer to and from systems, making it a versatile choice for asset management.

Pricing Information: Free pricing estimation tool offered. For up to 10,000 assets, the maximum price paid is $149.99 per month (for less than 5000 assets, $59.99). For more than 10,000 assets, users will have to contact AdmixRemix. Help desk agents cost $30 per month, and the enterprise addon costs $299.00 per month.

Incident IQ Alternative #3 — Vizor Cloud

Vizor Cloud home page

Vizor Cloud offers a range of management solutions and services, one of which is IT asset management software for K12. Institutions can use the Vizor interface to manage all their assets in one place. Users can manage 1:1 programs and track asset repairs and costs with ease. 

Alongside this, Vizor Cloud offers a variety of asset management solutions for specific devices, such as Intune, Microsoft Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr), and PowerSchool. Others include iPad management and Chromebook management. 

Highlighted Features: Vizor Cloud provides inventory tracking, mass device allocation, and repair cost management. Their 1:1 management system includes barcode check-in and out and a user-friendly self-service portal for device distribution, enhancing security with role-specific logins. Their help desk software features a user self-service portal, knowledge base, and email-to-ticket conversion for streamlined ticket submission.

Pricing Information: Vizor Cloud offers to get a quote and states that the price depends on the modules the customer chooses to use and the type of organization.

Incident IQ Alternative #4 — Brightly

Brightly Software home page

Similar to other Incident IQ alternatives, Brightly offers a range of management services and products. Their products are not K-12-specific but are used in educational institutions, so this isn’t necessarily a drawback. Its asset management solution is designed to offer easy tracking of IT assets across schools and districts. Over 7K educational institutions such as state schools, private schools, universities, and colleges use Brightly’s ITAM. 

Highlighted Features: There are four services — Asset Essentials, Predictor, Event Manager, and Energy Manager. Together, these features help to manage the budget better, aid in choosing whether to fix or replace an asset and predict asset health in the future.

Pricing Information: For education, it appears Asset Essentials and Predictor are the two most popular products. There is no free trial, and a setup fee is required. No pricing information is available as pricing depends on the institution and its needs.

Incident IQ Alternative #5 — EZO Asset Sonar

Asset Sonar by EZO home page

Asset Sonar ITAM solution is suitable for K-12-specific asset management. It is an all-in-one management system. Users report that its dynamic dashboard provides a clear view of the asset lifecycle, making the management of assets straightforward and effective.

Highlighted Features: A cloud-based solution, EZO Asset Sonar offers detailed asset tracking, audit trails, and maintenance scheduling. Unlike IncidentIQ and One-To-One-Plus, EZO Asset Sonar doesn’t have built-in help desk software but can integrate with other systems like Zendesk. It simplifies asset tracking, supports 1:1 check-in/-out, allows bundle creation for asset groups, and offers real-time tracking and software integration for enhanced productivity.

Pricing Information: Pricing is based on the number of IT devices, and for each device, five software license licenses are included according to its pricing page. Each device costs $0.25 per month, and each admin costs $44.99 per month. Prices can be paid monthly or annually, with a lower rate than annual payments.

Incident IQ Alternative #6 — Scalable 

Scalable home page

Scalable provides IT asset lifecycle management tools, primarily designed for businesses but still valuable to K-12 institutions. K-12 schools favor their traditional ITAM despite not being K-12-specific. Scalable’s all-in-one system helps K-12 institutions address funding reductions and manage assets effectively.

Highlighted Features: The platform provides a comprehensive view of assets, including technology, people, and processes, with customizable fields for K-12-specific needs. It offers next-gen IT asset management (ITAM) capabilities, capturing critical data and KPIs for digital agility, along with analytics and management tools on a dashboard. It enables digital agility analysis to measure and profile organizations, teams, and individuals, ultimately reducing friction and increasing productivity in workforce-system interactions.

Pricing Information: No pricing is available on its page, but a free demo can be scheduled. To gain a quote, users will have to contact support. These reviews hint at the high price compared to other asset management software.

Incident IQ Alternative #7 — Manage1TO1

Manage1To1 home page

As the name suggests, Manage1TO1 focuses on 1:1 device programs in schools. It provides detailed insights into device allocation and repair tracking and even integrates with popular learning management systems. It is K-12 specific, so it is tailored to the commonly found requirements that K-12 institutions have for asset management. It also offers cloud hosting. Overall, Manage1TO1 might have a focus on 1:1 device programs, but its K-12-specific plan also includes asset, help desk, and incident management, similar to Incident IQ.

Highlighted Features: This system streamlines inventory management by tracking devices, recording their histories, and monitoring insurance plans. It offers a centralized view of essential device information, including user details and incident reports. Additionally, it integrates smoothly with Google Device Consoles and simplifies help desk operations by categorizing user tickets and associating them with assets.

Pricing Information: For up to 7500 students, four plans are offered: 

  • Up to 700 students – $1000 per year
  • 701-2500 students – $1.55 per student per year 
  • 2501-4500 students – $1.35 per student per year
  • 4501-7500 students – $1.20 per student per year 

Each plan includes SLA support, unlimited devices, and the latest updates.

Incident IQ Alternative #8 — Frontline Education

Frontline Education home page

They offer a variety of solutions for a variety of niches and industries but are more business-oriented, similar to Scalable. It includes a variety of student management platforms or a more specific asset management platform for K-12 institutions. Frontline Education focuses on their product having an easy-to-use, straightforward management system to manage asset life cycles. 

Highlighted Features: Frontline offers solutions for K-12 institutions, despite not being K-12 specific, like Incident IQ. They provide separate help desk software with standard features. Their solution streamlines 1:1 device distribution, simplifies audits with RFID technology, and centralizes data integration for automation with district systems.

Pricing Information: Pricing information is only available through contacting the sales team/customer service. According to the FAQs, all prices include tracking of an unlimited number of assets.

Incident IQ Alternative #9 — SysAid

SysAid home page

They sell a range of ITSM platforms for a variety of services. Unlike Incident IQ, their primary service is help desk management and ticket automation, and IT asset management is integrated into the service desk. SysAid is popular with universities unlike other IncidentIQ competitors, but is also used in K-12 institutions. As their website says — “more automation, less repetition” is the main focus of their product, as it aims to make asset management straightforward with automation. 

Highlighted Features: SysAid offers a 24/7 self-service platform with automated workflows for students and staff. Their help desk features include ticket sorting, task management, and self-service password resets to simplify IT processes. SysAid integrates asset management, encompassing inventory tracking and automated workflows, into their help desk solutions.

Pricing Information: No insight is given into pricing, only an option to give an email to receive a quote from the sales team. There is a free trial available, as well as a basic edition and a complete edition, according to some reviews.

Incident IQ Alternative #10 — Skyward

Skyward home page

While better known for its student information system, Skyward offers an IT asset management solution tailored for K-12 institutions. Its integration with student systems provides a unique advantage for stakeholders, making it easier to assign and track devices to students. Aside from tracking services and inventory management, Skyward’s K-12 asset management system offers office and administration tools, classroom-based tools, and student services. 

Highlighted Features: There are student services, inventory management, asset tracking, classroom tools, office and administration tools.

Pricing Information: No pricing numbers are available on their page, though there are options to view demos, talk to a sales rep, or request school pricing.

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Top 5 Key Features to Consider in Incident IQ Alternatives

If you’re looking for an alternative to Incident IQ, here are a few things to consider when researching which K-12 asset management and help desk software is best for you. 

Help Desk Software 

When seeking alternatives to IncidentIQ for school IT help desk management, prioritize platforms that offer features like easy ticket submission and categorization, similar to Incident IQ. 

Incident IQ itself provides efficient ticket management, filtering, priority settings, and seamless asset data integration. It also includes monitoring for service trends, supports remote assistance, and offers public-facing help desks for user convenience. 

Overall, IncidentIQ streamlines the ticketing process, making it a strong contender among alternatives designed for K-12 IT help desk operations. Look for similar features when considering other options to ensure efficient school IT support.

Asset Management Software 

In K-12 education, schools have diverse assets like computers and AV equipment. Incident IQ aids in asset management with features like quick deployment, ownership tracking, and lifecycle management. It also streamlines audits and offers detailed reporting. Additionally, it supports remote asset management. When seeking alternatives, look for software that effectively handles asset utilization, maintenance, and replacement, similar to Incident IQ.

Integration Capabilities with K-12 Software 

Incident IQ can integrate with various other platforms commonly used in K-12 education, such as Google Workspace for Education and Microsoft Education. It ensures a seamless experience and reduces the fragmentation of data and workflows. 

Incident IQ offers an extensive catalog of which software they can integrate with so potential users can see what’s on offer before signing up. They currently offer 73 integrations, but as a user on a Reddit thread pointed out, IncidentIQ is constantly adding new features to make the functionality and integration easier. When choosing an alternative, please take a look at its integration capabilities. 

Reporting and Analytic Tools

Incident IQ offers detailed reporting and analytics for understanding tech support trends and asset utilization. It also includes a knowledge base to document solutions for quicker problem resolution. 


When considering alternatives to Incident IQ, note that Incident IQ offers custom workflows for tailored ticket resolution processes and mobile compatibility for on-the-go ticket and asset management by IT staff.

In conclusion, IncidentIQ offers K-12 schools to manage tech support and assets effectively, enhancing the tech experience for students and staff, and helping to optimize a huge chunk of IT admin’s work. When seeking alternatives, focus on scalability and security as crucial considerations. Incident IQ can adapt to both small schools and large districts, it prioritizes student data protection. Competing solutions should share this focus to be suitable alternatives for K-12 institutions.


Overall, Incident IQ is a popular choice for K-12 schools when it comes to help desk and asset management. However, there are many reasons why you might be looking for an Incident IQ alternative. 

The options discussed in this article cover the best 10 Incident IQ alternatives for K-12 asset management in 2024. Some asset management software will work better than others, depending on your needs. There’s a price difference and potential customers need to request a quote to get a tailored price offer.

With the growing issue of student funding, picking a well-priced and value-for-money alternative is tough but possible. Make sure to check out StatusGator as its functional all-in-one status page helps to inform staff and students on time and reduce the ticket burden.

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FAQ on the Best Incident IQ Alternatives

Q: What is the best Incident IQ alternative?

A: The best alternative to Incident IQ is One To One Plus, AdminRemix, Frontline Education, Manage1TO1, and others, mentioned in the comprehensive overview by StatusGator. Often people looking for the Incident IQ alternative can be interested in the K12 status page with automatic updates, displaying all the third-party service providers that schools depend on. StatusGator offers a status page designed to communicate the status of all the school cloud providers on a single page. Thus, school system admins can keep staff, teachers, and students informed about any outages and reduce support ticket burden by quickly communicating known issues.

Q: Why would someone look for an alternative to Incident IQ?

A: Some schools or districts might be looking for alternatives to Incident IQ with different functionalities, pricing structures, or user experiences. An alternative might also offer better integration with other tools or a more intuitive interface. Often people looking for the Incident IQ alternative can be interested in the K12 status page with automatic updates, displaying all the third-party service providers that schools depend on. StatusGator offers a status page designed to communicate the status of all the school cloud providers on a single page. Thus, school system admins can keep staff, teachers, and students informed about any outages and reduce support ticket burden by quickly communicating known issues.

Q: What to consider when looking for an Incident IQ alternative?

A: When searching for the best Incident IQ alternative, consider factors such as:

  • Pricing and licensing models
  • Features and functionalities offered
  • User interface and ease of use
  • Integration capabilities with other tools and platforms
  • Customer support, and community reviews
  • Consider StatusGator as an automated status page for k12

Q: Are there Incident IQ alternatives specifically designed for K-12 schools?

A: One To One Plus, AdminRemix, Vizor Cloud, Manage1TO1, and Frontline Education are made to tackle the challenges that k12 system admins and IT leads deal with. StatusGator provides an overview and comparison of these tools in the article and other software that can be adapted for educational settings.