New: Protect Your Status Page with a Password

We’ve just released a highly-requested feature for our public, aggregated status pages: Password protection. Now, StatusGator’s customizable, brandable, aggregated status pages can be protected by a password. This feature is now available on all our plans.

StatusGator is a status page aggregator. We make it easy to publish a single page with the status of all your cloud vendors in one place. It helps keep your team and stakeholders informed of critical outages affecting your dependencies.

For some StatusGator users, the list of their cloud vendors is not something they want publicly available. If the security implications of this concern you, it’s easy to put a simple password in front of your StatusGator private status page now. Here’s how:

First, sign into StatusGator and click the Status Page menu at the top of the page:

Then click the Advanced tab and scroll down to Protect with Password? at the bottom:

Enter a password and click Publish. Your status page will be updated and deployed to our global edge cache. It will be available in approximately two minutes. Click View to see your page.

Visitors to your page will now be presented with a locked password entry screen and they must enter the password to continue:

We’d love your feedback on this feature. If you have any suggestions for how it can be improved, please let us know. If you’re on a plan that does not support password-protected status pages and you wish to try it, please reach out.

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