15 Essential DevOps Apps for Microsoft Teams

DevOps engineers always need to check processes, increase work efficiency, and optimize operations. The main part of the work is to improve the quality of the product and set up smooth workflows. That’s why you need to control systems and react to downtime as quickly as possible. One of the best ways to do so is to get timely notifications is Teams DevOps Applications. MS Teams is widely used in many companies, so you probably already have it.

Downtime has different causes but regardless of the reason, every downtime minute is important and valuable. Research from May 2020 shows that small and medium businesses have lost 37% of customers and 17% of revenue due to downtime. In 2019 the average hourly cost of downtime was between $301,000 and $400,000. This is why early downtime reporting is important. You can use different services for alerting. For example, email, SMS, Slack, or Microsoft Teams.

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Microsoft Teams is a service for secure interaction with your co-workers. This tool allows you to create chats, make audio and video calls, hold web conferences, and much more. MS Teams is often compared to Slack. Both services are great but we want to talk about Teams because it offers a better free version with improved audio and video calls and more integrations than Slack. Also, if you work with Office 365, Teams is more useful for your company as it combines all the tools in one service. So if you are a DevOps engineer who already works with, or wants to work with, MS Teams, this article is for you. Do you use Slack? Check these 10 DevOps Apps for Slack.

Today we want to show you DevOps Microsoft Teams apps that will help you to understand the current state of your system and receive timely alerts if something goes wrong. We decided to combine apps that will help you to receive notifications about downtime issues, create tickets, and increase the efficiency of your DevOps team.

Top 15 DevOps apps for Microsoft Teams for quick alerting and increasing your efficiency

1. StatusGator

status page monitoring tool for Teams - statusgator

We create a page monitoring service that will help you monitor systems and receive timely alerts to MS Teams. StatusGator is integrated with more than 710 cloud services and is still growing. It already monitors Google Cloud, Azure, Amazon Web Services, GitHub, DigitalOcean, and many more services. Our application will save you time and reduce losses resulting from downtime by monitoring status pages and alerting you when they change. You can get alerts right in Teams when a region or component is down, see all the dependencies on a single dashboard, and much more.

Best App for DevOps. Microsoft Teams DevOps Apps

StatusGator has a simple setup. Within three minutes an efficient and convenient stream of critical notifications will be fed right into your Microsoft Teams.

2. Cloudbot for Azure

App for Teams

This application connects Azure backend services to your DevOps team. With Azure Application Insights, you will have access to over 50 pre-made reports about the percent of uptime, availability, performance, and failure summaries. With this tool, you will receive comprehensive alerts and reports about your system.

Cloudbot for Teams. App for DevOps

To use Cloudbot for Azure you must have an Azure account and an Application Insights instance.

3. StatusPage.io

status page for teams devops app for ms teams

StatusPage.io can help you to track downtime and send reports and alerts to the channel. You can monitor the current state of the system and get notifications if something goes wrong.

StatusPage.io helps to fix issues as fast as possible and inform your customers and users about failure.

4. Roby

Teams App for DevOps - Roby

This is a bot for Microsoft Teams that can help you with ticket management, to manage and review repetitive requests, and to send you reminders. This bot can turn any message into a ticket allowing you to resolve issues directly in Teams. The bot automatically sends reminders when a ticket is resolved. Also, you can connect the bot to the different chat platforms and receive requests from them.

App for Microsoft Teams

Roby helps to make your team more efficient and productive through simplifying ticket submission and reducing resolution times.

5. Azure Boards

azure boards for teams app

Another tool for efficient teamwork. Azure Boards help to plan, track, and discuss your work processes. You can work with dashboards, Kanban boards, and backlog. Also, you can receive notifications about project issues. All you need to do is to link the channel to a project.

Azure boards App for MS Teams DevOps

Azure Boards will help you to work with projects more efficiently directly in Teams.

6. MSPbots

MSPbots is a platform specially designed for MSPs (Managed Service Providers). This tool can help you to automate some business processes leaving you free to concentrate on important tasks. This app can send you notifications and alerts helping to draw attention to important moments. MSPbots help prioritize system tickets and much more.

MSPbots for MS Teams

MSPbots is integrated with ConnectWise Manage and other software that can make your work smoother.

7. Azure Repos

Azure Repos DevOps MS Teams

This app is more useful for developers. It helps to manage code and pull requests. You can connect to the development environment, review code, protect branches, and much more. You can also monitor the activities of repositories in your channel and receive notifications when pull requests are created, and code is pushed or checked.

Azure Repos App for Teams

Also, you can use an extension for messaging and sharing pull requests to colleagues.

8. PagerDuty

PagerDuty Devops app

PagerDuty is an application that helps you to receive important messages about different issues in your system. It helps manage and track incidents and determine escalation policy.

PagerDuty MS Teams App

PagerDuty can manage the system in real-time and create analytics for further work.

9. Digital Assistant, EKAA

EKAA devops MS teams

This AI chatbot will assist the whole company including Admin/DevOps, HR, Sales, and IT departments. A lot of companies use Microsoft Teams as their main corporate tool. Different chatbots and applications help to make processes more efficient. Ekaa can track and monitor your systems and send notifications to Microsoft Teams.

EKAA DevOps AI chatbot for MS Teams App

Ekaa integrated with CRM and ERP systems can give even more use cases.

10. ServiceBot

servicebot for ms teams

This is a bot that will retrieve and send you all the crucial tickets from your service desk. All team members can see who works with tickets and can send feedback or suggestions for better collaboration. ServiceBot helps the team to be more productive and solve issues faster.

ServiceBot MS Teams App for DevOps

To use ServiceBot you should have a Freshservice account

11. Zoho Sprints for Teams

MS Teams App Zoho Sprints - DevOps

If your team works with Scrum, Zoho Sprints can help you. This is a cloud-based solution for managing Scrum teams. Here you can add user stories, estimate time for tasks, prioritize work issues, plan future sprints, and track progress on Scrum boards.

Zoho Sprints for DevOps Teams

Zoho Sprints is available for users who have an account on the zoho.com domain.

12. Workbot

Workbot for MS Teams

With Workbot you can customize your workflows, build ChatOps, and send and receive notifications without a single line of code. It combines functions for DevOps, sales, support, HR, and marketing departments. Thus, you can simplify and automate work processes for the whole company with one bot.

Workbot for MS Teams DevOps

To use Workbot you need a Workato account.

13. Datadog for Teams

DataDog App for DevOps

Datadog helps you receive different notifications directly in Microsoft Teams. It allows the team to be updated about any performance issues. Also, you can share graphs, send alerts, and events to specific Teams channels. You can send a graph to the dashboard and leave a comment for your team to better understand the context of an issue you want to solve.

DataDog MS Teams App

Also, Datadog can send notifications directly to Microsoft Teams channels.

14. Dynatrace Davis Assistant

Dynatrace for MS Teams DevOps App

Dynatrace Davis Assistant employs a conversational interface. You interact with the bot in a conversation in which you ask different questions and get answers. For example, you can ask “What happened yesterday?” and Dynatrace Davis Assistant will send you a number of issues and names of projects. It also can send information about user experience ratings, response times, availability, user activity, and more.

DevOps Dynatrace Davis App for MS Teams

With Dynatrace Davis Assistant, you can collaborate with your team more efficiently by adding comments to the interaction in the application.

15. Azure Pipelines for Microsoft Teams

azure ms teams devops

If you work with Azure, this application will be useful. It will help you with continuously building, testing, and deploying to any cloud or platform. Azure Pipelines has flexible workflows and advanced deployment scenarios. It offers cloud-hosted pipelines for the most popular operating systems (Linux, Windows, macOS). Also, you can connect to GitHub or any other Git provider.

azure pipelines for microsoft teams

With Azure Pipelines, you will always know the current status of your project.

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Conclusion: what Microsoft Teams App is the best for DevOps?

We have gathered 15 essential DevOps apps for Microsoft Teams. You can find here applications that will help to monitor systems and send you notifications about failures. These apps will increase your work efficiency and team collaboration making workflows smoother and simpler.

It’s hard to choose the ‘best of the best’ DevOps Teams apps because you should be oriented on your needs and try to find the most suitable service for your current tasks. Some of the applications are free but don’t have a lot of functions and integrations. Some of them have trial periods and some are paid for. Experiment and choose what is best for your work.

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We recommend you try our new tool – StatusGator. If you’re looking for an application that will help you dramatically decrease the time it takes you to react to downtime, you found it. StatusGator will monitor the status pages of the services you depend on and send alerts directly to Microsoft Teams. It’s fast, convenient, super efficient, and integrated with more than 2,770 cloud service status pages. Our customers are totally satisfied with the service.

Try the 14-day free trial, and see for yourself. But be careful. This service is so cool. We think there’s a good chance that you’ll try StatusGator? and then never want to work without it. We warned you!