Now Available: Direct Monitoring

For more than 7 years, StatusGator has monitored the world’s status pages and aggregated the status of more than 1,000 cloud services into custom dashboards. With a quick glance, you can see the status of every service you depend on.

But what if a website you depend on does not have a status page? What about internal tools, sites you host yourself, and other services without public status information? StatusGator can now aggregate the status of any website with our new feature: Direct Monitoring.

Monitor website and cloud services together on StatusGator.
Adding a new director monitor to StatusGator is as easy as entering the name and URL.

Simply click Add Services on your status page and choose the Monitor a Website tab. Enter the name and URL of the website you wish to monitor. StatusGator will check it every 5 minutes and show its status in your dashboard. You’ll see it on your internal dashboard and your public dashboard, just like any other service. This feature is perfect for monitoring your own website or any infrastructure you have.

You can configure the service by clicking the Filter icon. Here, you can choose to disable notifications if you wish to only show it on your dashboard. Plus, you can change the name, URL, or icon here.

You can optionally disable notifications for a service.

Let us know what you think of direct monitoring — is it useful?

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