The Best 40+ Resources, Tools, Websites, Forums, and Communities for K-12 System Administrators

40+ K12 resources for sys admins

Specialized resources for K-12 sysadmins can provide targeted solutions and insights tailored to the unique challenges of educational IT environments. These resources, ranging from K-12 forums and blogs to specific management tools, offer knowledge on best practices, emerging technologies, and troubleshooting strategies directly applicable to schools.

Firstly, there are software and platforms that K-12 sysadmins can incorporate into their IT infrastructure, such as StatusGator and StatusHub. These resources often come with paid plans and free trials, such as StatusGator. 

Secondly, there are educational technology websites and training platforms. Some come with paid plans, but many are open publicly. These websites and platforms aid learning, productivity, and resource availability. Additionally, cybersecurity platforms are also available. 

Finally, K-12 system administrators can benefit from social media and community resources. It includes K12 Reddit threads, Slack channels, LinkedIn groups, online forums, and K-12 blog sites. Additional resources include K-12 product review sites, podcasts, and webinars.

Ed-Tech Software and Tools for K-12 System Administrators

Below is a list of software and tools that might differ from the obvious choices for K-12 system administrators. Despite being not-so-obvious, their utility cannot be underestimated.

1. StatusGator

K-12 status page page by StatusGator tools for K12 sys admins

StatusGator monitors all K-12 cloud services and vendors, hosted applications, and websites and creates a single status page for your school. Keep tabs on any services your system depends on, starting from IncidentIQ and HiddenApp and moving to Zoom and ClassLink.

Keep staff, teachers, and students informed and reduce support ticket burden by quickly communicating known issues. Respond to outages faster and get back up and running.

Here’s how StatusGator can be helpful to K-12 system administrators:

  1. 3,600+ SaaS services – with a large part of K-12 services designed for schools, such as LMS, SIS, ed-tech tools, classroom apps, and more.
  2. Customization tools – K-12 system admins can add logos and school district names to customize their status pages.
  3. Proactive notifications – StatusGator keeps the school community, including staff and teachers, informed about any IT issues, helping to reduce the influx of support tickets.
StatusGator Eats Support Tickets for Lunch

If you want to improve communication in your K-12 institution, reduce IT tickets, and keep up with your services, StatusGator is your tool.

2. StatusHub

StatusHub for k12 sys admins

StatusHub focuses on efficient incident communication within an institution, which can go a long way in a K-12 school. With StatusHub, K-12 system administrators can operate multiple status pages in a way that improves incident communication to end users. Hence, they are aware of the status of the school’s services. 

When critical systems go down — like your Student Information Systems (SIS) or Learning Management Systems (LMS) — you can easily reach out to students, staff, and faculty to let them know before the incident escalates or causes worry and stress. 

This resource is similar to StatusGator, though StatusGator is much more tailored to K-12 institutions. 

3. Incident IQ

Incident IQ ITAM for k12 system admins

Incident IQ is a K-12 tech support & asset management platform designed to manage the various hardware, software & systems that today’s classrooms rely on. With in-built device management and help desk tools, IncidentIQ is designed to streamline productivity for K-12 system administrators. 

Additionally, features such as analytics, automated task setups, and events and facilities management mean there are many benefits from this platform available to K-12 system administrators.

4. One to One Plus

One to One Plus for K12 system admins

One to One Plus is a K-12 platform excelling in features like inventory management, device tracking, and the automation of administrative tasks. Its user-centric design and tailored functionalities simplify technology resource management.  

For K-12 system administrators, One to One Plus is indispensable. Administrators benefit from a centralized system that enhances organization and operational efficiency. The platform minimizes administrative burdens by unifying inventory control and asset tracking, optimizing resource allocation and productivity amongst admins.

5. HiddenApp

Hidden App as a K12 resource for sys admins

HiddenApp provides a streamlined solution for K-12 school administrators, focusing on discrete monitoring and efficient device management to enhance K-12 security. Features like silent screen capture and usage tracking ensure comprehensive oversight without disrupting the learning environment. 

For K-12 system administrators, HiddenApp is a crucial tool for optimizing privacy and security. Since K-12 schools are responsible for protecting student data, HiddenApp can be hugely beneficial for K-12 system admins.

Educational Technology Websites for K-12 Sys Admins

Here are some technology websites designed for K-12 education that can aid K-12 sys admins.

6. ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education)

International Society for Technology in Education for K12 system admins

ISTE, or the International Society for Technology in Education, is a vital resource for K-12 administrators. It provides a framework for integrating technology into education (backed by research-based standards) to empower educators with a vibrant community and guidance to create technology-rich learning environments. 

K-12 system admins benefit from ISTE’s resources and communities by being offered the assistance and aid that can help increase their productivity.

7. EdSurge

EdSurge resource for K12 sysadmin

EdSurge offers insights and information on educational technology. It is a platform for staying informed about the latest trends and innovations in the education technology landscape. 

Administrators can benefit from EdSurge’s articles, reports, and reviews when making informed decisions on integrating technology into the learning environment. With a focus on practical insights and solutions, EdSurge supports administrators in navigating the dynamic field of educational technology.

8. EdTech Magazine

EdTech Magazine's for K-12 system admin

EdTech Magazine is a crucial resource for K-12 administrators, providing in-depth coverage of educational technology trends and insights. The magazine serves as a valuable source of information on integrating technology into the learning environment. 

Administrators benefit from its articles, reviews, and practical advice, helping them stay current with the latest developments in educational technology. EdTech Magazine is a go-to platform for K-12 administrators looking at recent technology developments or opportunities.

Online Forums and Communities for K-12 Sys Admins 

Here are some popular online forums and communities for K-12 system administrators.


 EduGeek K12 community forum for system admins is a vital online community for K-12 administrators, offering forums and resources for collaborative discussions on educational technology. Administrators find practical insights, troubleshooting support, and valuable peer-to-peer knowledge sharing. This platform plays a pivotal role in supporting K-12 system administrators as they navigate challenges and opportunities in the dynamic landscape of educational technology in K-12 settings.

10. Spiceworks Community

Spiceworks Community for k12 system admins

Spiceworks Community provides forums and collaboration opportunities for K-12 system administrators. Sys admins benefit from a platform that facilitates discussions, troubleshooting assistance, and knowledge sharing on technology-related educational challenges. Spiceworks Community serves as a hub for administrators seeking peer insights and practical solutions within K-12 environments.

11. Tech & Learning Forum

Tech & Learning resource library page

Tech & Learning Forum is a place for K-12 tech leaders to discuss the latest educational technology, share experiences, and collaborate on innovative solutions. Administrators access valuable forums for sharing insights, troubleshooting challenges, and gaining practical knowledge. This community is a vital resource, facilitating peer-to-peer support and helping administrators navigate the ever-evolving educational landscape. 

Best Slack Channels for K-12 System Administrators

Slack, known for its channel-based messaging, is a dynamic platform for professionals to collaborate and advance their work. 

For K-12 sys admins, several Slack channels (specifically tailored for IT professionals) offer real-time discussions and support.

We recommend using Standuply’s free channel directory, which has been compiling Slack groups since 2016, to discover channels under the “IT Talks” category. This channel covers a range of topics applicable to K-12 system admins, including: 

  • Database Administration
  • Cybersecurity
  • IT Support
  • Technical Documentation
  • Data Science

Top K-12 System Administrators’ Subreddits

Reddit, often hailed as “the front page of the internet,” is more than just a hub for entertainment. It serves as a platform for deep discussions on specialized topics, including professions like K-12 system administration. Below are some popular Reddit threads amongst K-12 schools and K-12 system admins, all offering different information and advice from other users. Check them out today!

12. r/k12sysadmin

This subreddit is a specialized forum for technology personnel connected to K-12 education, including those in higher education and private or charter schools. It’s a resourceful community for K-12 IT professionals to exchange solutions, express challenges, evaluate vendors, and share best practices in school IT management.

13. r/sysadmin

While r/sysadmin shares similarities with r/k12sysadmin, its focus is broader, encompassing the entire sysadmin profession. Boasting over 600,000 members, it’s a vibrant community for discussing a wide range of IT and technical issues in systems administration.

14. r/GSuite

With the growing adoption of 1:1 initiatives in schools and the increasing reliance on devices like Chromebooks, the r/GSuite subreddit has become crucial for discussing the administration of Google Workspace (formerly G Suite). It’s a valuable resource for managing technology in student-centric environments.

15. r/asktechnology

A go-to subreddit for quick technology-related inquiries, r/asktechnology is ideal for seasoned IT professionals seeking general software/hardware advice or answers.

16. r/Sysadminhumor

Combining humor with the realities of system administration, r/Sysadminhumor is a lighthearted community sharing memes, stories, and images that resonate with the unique experiences of K-12 IT professionals.

Leading LinkedIn Groups for K-12 System Administrators

LinkedIn is a popular, corporate social media tool designed for people to connect no matter what your institution or industry. That said, it’s also popular amongst K-12 and K-12 sys admins as a professional networking platform. Ultimately, LinkedIn is an invaluable tool for school IT teams. It’s not just for job seekers, but also for connecting with peers.

For K-12 system admins, we suggest the group “K-12 Education Technology & eLearning Professionals”. This group stands out as a hub for networking, career support, and sharing information, specifically tailored for those in K-12 EdTech and eLearning roles.

Professional Development and Training for K-12 System Administrators 

With online learning skyrocketing, these training resources are vital for K-12 sys admins.

17. (now LinkedIn Learning)

Linkedin Learning for K12 system admins landing page

LinkedIn Learning (formerly is a valuable resource for K-12 administrators, offering a diverse array of online courses and tutorials. Administrators benefit from a platform that provides professional development opportunities, enhancing skills in educational technology and leadership. With a focus on practical, industry-relevant content, LinkedIn Learning supports K-12 system administrators in staying current with trends.

18. Coursera

Coursera for K12 sysadmins

Coursera is a vital platform for K-12 system administrators, offering a wide range of online courses and specializations. Administrators benefit from accessible and flexible professional development opportunities, covering areas such as educational technology and leadership. Coursera’s diverse content, created by top institutions, empowers administrators to enhance their skills, stay updated on industry trends, and effectively address challenges in the dynamic landscape of K-12 education.

19. Google for Education Training Center

Google for K-12 sys admin Education page

Google for Education Training Center is vital for K-12 administrators, offering comprehensive professional development with courses on Google tools and educational technology. It equips administrators with practical skills for effective tool integration in educational settings, fostering innovation and efficiency. K-12 system administrators can benefit from Google for Education Training Center as it is designed for Google Workspace use, a key tool in many K-12 institutions.

Vendor and Product Review Sites for K-12 Sys Admins

Whilst not so obvious, vendors and product review sites can also be useful for K-12 sys admins.

20. G2 Crowd

The G2 for K12 system admins

G2 Crowd offers reviews on various IT products and software, which can help sys admins make informed decisions about what tools to use. By providing valuable insights and reviews on educational technology solutions, K-12 sys admins can benefit from user feedback, helping them make informed decisions when selecting and implementing technology solutions.

21. Capterra

Capterra for K12 education

Provides reviews and comparisons of business software, including reviews and insights on various educational technology solutions. K-12 sys admins leverage Capterra to make informed decisions when selecting and implementing technology tools, ensuring optimal solutions for educational settings.

Cybersecurity Resources for K-12 Sys Admins

Since K-12 institutions usually take care of and manage data for many students in one place, it’s never been more important to protect student privacy and security. These cybersecurity resources are must-haves for K-12 sys admins.

22. K-12 Security Information eXchange (K-12SIX)

K-12 Security Information eXchange for school sysadmins

K-12 Security Information eXchange (K-12SIX) is a national network defense collaborative specifically for K-12 schools, offering resources and guidance on cybersecurity. This threat-information and sharing hub can help K-12 institutions, and K-12 sys admins, spread awareness or gain awareness of new or recent cyber security threats to mitigate recent risks.

23. K-12Cybersecurity

CISA Cybersecurity website for K12

CISA is placing a focus on working with the K-12 education sector to help raise awareness and understanding of the risks as well as to change behaviors that put us at risk of phishing and other online attacks. They provide tools, information, and resources to help this vitally important component of the nation’s critical infrastructure to protect itself against attacks by malicious actors to reduce the likelihood of successful cyber incursions.

24. StaySafeOnline (National Cyber Security Alliance)

StaySafeOnline for K12 system admin

Provides resources and tips for cybersecurity, which is crucial for protecting school networks and data. Administrators leverage StaySafeOnline to enhance online safety measures, protect sensitive data, and foster a secure digital learning environment for students and staff. StaySafeOnline equips administrators with tools and information to navigate the evolving landscape of cybersecurity in educational settings.

25. Cybrary

Cybrary website for K12 sys admin

Cybrary is a valuable resource for K-12 administrators, offering a platform for cybersecurity training and skill development. Administrators benefit from courses covering various aspects of cybersecurity, helping them enhance their knowledge and capabilities to address evolving digital threats in educational settings. They also offer free and paid courses, so sys admins always have a free option.

K-12 Tech Podcasts and Webinars for K-12 Sys Admins 

Not only is social media a valuable resource for K-12 sys admins, but the rise of podcasts and webinars in recent years also benefits K-12 institutions. There are a range of K-12-focused tech podcasts and webinars that can prove valuable for K-12 sys admins.

26. K-12TechTalk

K-12TechTalk podcast page

A podcast about IT Issues and Trends in K-12 Schools, with three hosts Josh, Chris, and Mark. The K-12TechTalk three hosts, whilst occasionally having special guests, go into in-depth discussions about a range of topics and issues in K-12 schools. With weekly episodes, K-12 admins can tune in and get up to date with the latest news and advice.

27. Ask the Tech Coach

Ask the Tech Coach podcast for K12 sys admins

A podcast dedicated to helping tech coaches and IT staff in schools. Ask the Tech Coach is a weekly podcast designed to support Tech Coaches and Instructional Technology Specialists. Each week, hosts Jeff and Susan discuss various topics in Educational Technology. With just under 200 episodes, there are some fascinating discussions that K-12 sys admins could benefit from hearing!

28. The EdTech Take-Out

The EdTech Take-Out podcast for k12 sysadmins

It’s a podcast that discusses tech tools and tips, often with relevance to sys admins in the educational sector. Host Mindy takes a key focus on helping K-12 sys admins and users to seamlessly integrate new technologies into classrooms.

29. Tech & Learning Webinars

D2L page for Tech & Learning Webinars for K12 system admins

Offers webinars on various topics related to educational technology, often featuring expert speakers and valuable insights for sys admins. K-12 sys admins can benefit from the variety of topics discussed.

Networking and Collaboration Platforms For K-12 Sys Admins

Two notable networking platforms can be useful to K-12 sys admins:

30. Microsoft Teams for Education

Microsoft's team for education solution K12 sys admins

A platform that not only facilitates online learning but also provides tools for sys admins to manage and secure digital classrooms. Administrators leverage Teams to facilitate seamless virtual classrooms, manage assignments, and enhance communication among students.

31. Trello for Education

Trello for educators and K12 school sys admins

Trello for Education is a valuable platform for K-12 administrators, providing an intuitive project management tool. Administrators use Trello to organize tasks, collaborate on projects, and enhance productivity within educational settings. Its user-friendly interface and adaptable features make it an effective solution for administrators seeking to streamline workflow and improve project coordination in K-12 education.

K-12 Blogs and Online Publications for System Admins

While there are numerous blogs focused on technology for K-12 system administrators, blogs catering to school IT leaders are equally important. Here are some noteworthy ones:

32. StatusGator Blog for Education

StatusGator's education blog for school sysadmins

The blog section of StatusGator compares popular tools in K-12 education and offers tips for managing the modern school district infrastructure. Not only this, but StatusGator does its research into a range of hot topics, such as the best asset management platforms for K-12 in 2024, all the way to the most reliable LMS in 2024.

33. EmergingEdTech

Managed by Kelly Walsh, CIO at The College of Westchester, this blog delves into technology as a tool for teaching and enhancing student success, offering resources for K-12 teachers, students, and IT teams. With real-life insights into education trends and hot topics, K-12 sys admins can benefit from the information and advice offered by this blog.

34. Chromebook Challenge

Kevin Wendland, a teacher at Walnut High School, runs this blog. It focuses on the practical aspects of using Chromebooks in education, providing insights into the challenges and solutions relevant to IT teams in schools. This is highly beneficial for K-12 administrators, but also for K-12 students and teachers. Since Chromebooks are a popular device of choice amongst K-12, this blog has vital advice and information.

35. The Cool Cat Teacher

The Cool Cat Teacher for K12 sysadmins

Vicki Davis, an IT Director and educator since 2002, authors this blog. It covers a broad range of EdTech topics, with a special focus on K-12 IT administration. The blog is recognized for its contributions to the field, including being named the #1 Global Education Influencer in 2021 by ISC Research and featured in EdTech Magazine and USA Today’s EdTech Cover Story.

36. FreeTech4Teachers

Teachermade resource for K12 sys admins

Offers a variety of resources and reviews on educational technology tools, many of which are relevant for sys admins. If you are a sys admin who is having an issue or has a query about a certain topic, it’s worth checking out FreeTech4Teachers.

37. MindShift

Webpage of Mindshift by KQED for K12 sys admins

MindShift, a service of KQED News and NPR, delves into the future of learning, exploring evolving teaching methods, technology’s role, brain discoveries, and issues like bias, inequities, and mental health. The platform caters to educators, parents, policymakers, and lifelong learners, fostering meaningful dialogue through social media, newsletters, and podcasts. With such a varied audience, K-12 sys admins can benefit from this blog.

38. EdTech RoundUp

EdTech RoundUp K12 resource for sys admins

Edtech Roundup provides insights into the latest developments in educational technology. Covering innovations, trends, and applications, the platform caters to educators, administrators, and tech enthusiasts. Stay updated by subscribing to their newsletter and engaging on social media for a comprehensive overview of the ever-evolving education landscape.


As you will have noticed with the list above, there is a huge range of resources and tools available to K-12 sys admins! 

There are a variety of tools and software available (such as Incident IQ, StatusGator, One To One Plus, etc) as well as various training and cybersecurity platforms. On the other hand, sys admins can also look toward online and social media platforms for help and advice *such as LinkedIn, Reddit, Slack, etc). Ultimately, this variety in resources massively benefits K-12 sys admins. 

That said, it can be difficult to decide which ones work for you. With our list above, we hope you can make informed decisions on what resources work best for you and your K-12 education. 

Whether it be listening to some K-12 podcasts or webinars, using StatusGator to keep track of your services and statuses, or improving your cybersecurity – we’re sure there is something for you.

Every Cloud Vendor's Status in One Place


Q: How can automation tools benefit K-12 sysadmins?

A: Automation tools help streamline repetitive tasks, reduce errors, and free up sysadmins’ time to focus on more strategic projects, ultimately enhancing the efficiency and security of the school’s IT systems. For example, StatusGator automatically checks and communicates the status of K12 software, hosted apps, and cloud services that schools depend on. Thus, significantly reducing the ticket burden on IT teams in school districts.

Q: What makes specialized resources valuable for K-12 sysadmins?

A: Specialized resources provide targeted insights, best practices, and solutions tailored to the unique challenges of educational IT, helping sysadmins optimize technology integration, improve network security, and support educational objectives.

Q: How does StatusGator specifically benefit K-12 system admins and IT departments?

A: StatusGator benefits K-12 system admins and IT departments by offering a centralized, automated solution for monitoring service statuses, reducing the need for manual checks, and decreasing IT ticket requests by proactively identifying and addressing service issues.

Q: What are some key considerations when choosing tools and resources for K-12 IT management?

A: Key considerations include the tool’s relevance to educational environments, ease of use, scalability, security features, compatibility with existing systems, and the ability to support educational goals and compliance requirements.

Q: How can K-12 sysadmins stay updated on the latest in educational technology and IT management?

A: Sysadmins can stay informed by participating in online forums, subscribing to relevant blogs and newsletters, attending professional development workshops and conferences, and engaging with communities on platforms like Reddit and LinkedIn.

Q: What role do online communities play for K-12 sysadmins?

A: Online communities provide a platform for sysadmins to share experiences, ask for advice, discuss emerging technologies, and find solutions to common challenges, fostering a collaborative environment for professional growth.

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