Status Page Pricing – 22 Most Popular Status Page Tools Cost Reviewed [2023]

Statuspage pricing StatusGator comparison

Updated on August 30, 2023.

Keeping your customers informed about the status of your website, application, or service is essential nowadays. If you don’t have a status page to communicate this, you’re missing an opportunity to improve transparency and reduce the customer support burden. It is especially true if you are running an online business and your website is your main source of income.

The status page is crucial not only for your business but for your customers as well. So how much can a status page cost? Pricing can vary from zero to hundreds of dollars per month for a status page.

Since a good status page is crucial for your business, what kind of service can you rely on? How can you keep tabs on the status of cloud providers? How can you monitor the status of your own servers and then communicate that status to your customers?

In this article, we’ll be going over different hosted status page services, what to expect from them, and their status page pricing. 

There are essentially three types of status page services. Some (e.g. Better Uptime) are more focused on providing automated monitoring such as ping times for your website. These often have a public status page as a feature that displays these ping times as well as uptime history. 

Other status page services (e.g. are focused on a public status page with outage notifications updated by staff members. Some of these offer automated monitoring as a feature. 

The last category of status page providers (e.g. StatusGator) does what the first and second categories do, but they also enable you to add the statuses of cloud providers you depend on to your public or private status page.

The price of a status page ranges from $0 to $1,000 per month.

Status Page Cost Based on the Pricing of the 22 Most Popular Tools

Below, you can see a side-by-side comparison of status page pricing of the most popular tools for website, app, and SaaS status pages. Apart from the cost of a status page, the spreadsheet will help you navigate features like free plan availability, hidden fees, and extras.

Software nameStarting cost per monthFree planPrivate status page cost per monthSoftware categoryStatus page is main feature
StatusGator$72.00includedStatus page aggregatorYes
Statuspage$29.00Yesfrom $50.00Hosted status pageYes
FireHydrant$500.00Yeson a custom planIncident management
UptimeRobot$7.00YesincludedWebsite monitoring
Freshping (Freshservice)$80.00YesincludedWebsite monitoring
Site24x7$9.00Website monitoring
Better Uptime$30.00Yesfrom $150.00Website monitoring
StatusPal$49.00Yesfrom $99.00Hosted status pageYes
StatusHub$49.00from $49.00Hosted status pageYes
Hund$29.00from $70.00Hosted status pageYes$79.00from $349.00Hosted status pageYes
StatusCast$50.00from $99.00Incident management and status page hostingYes
Instatus$20.00Yes$50.00Hosted status pageYes
StatusCake$14.95from $49.95Website monitoring
Oh Dear$17.00includedWebsite monitoring
Hyperping$29.00from $79.00Incident management and status page hostingYes$79.00includedWebsite monitoring
StatusDashboards$29.00from $99.00Hosted status pageYes
Staytus.coself-hostedYesself-hostedOpen-source status pageYes
EarlyPing$29.99Yesfrom $99.99IT infrastructure monitoring system
MyStatusPage (not available anymore)
Pingr (not available anymore)

If you are interested in details about the status page pricing and the features included in the cost, read on.

StatusGator Status Page Cost

StatusGator status page cost
StatusGator status pages

StatusGator has three pricing plans and a free plan.

Users get one status page with three monitors for free.

Paid plans include component filtering to monitor services granularly and two-factor authentication. Also, unlimited alerts of status changes are included in all plans.

The Starter plan costs $72 per month and includes 1 status page, 25 monitors of cloud services and websites, 3 integration options, a private status page, unlimited notifications, custom domains, and a single user.

Team costs $137 per month. The price includes 3 status pages, monitoring of 75 cloud services and websites, 13 integrations, multiple users and SSO, multiple status pages, and a maintenance feed.

Corporate costs $274 per month. The plan offers 5 status pages, 150 monitors, 10 users, all integration options, historical data and reports, and hiding StatusGator branding.

Enterprises can request a custom quote and get an individual contract, compliance clause, and other special requests.

All paid plans have a 14-day free trial to try the benefits of StatusGator for your business.

Category: status page aggregator. Pricing and Overview 

Statuspage status page cost examples of status pages

Statuspage remains the most popular status page service used by large companies like Reddit, Cloudflare, Dropbox, and so on. As one of the original SaaS tools for status monitoring pages, is used by many renowned companies. Atlassian acquired StatusPage and continues to grow it. Statuspage can reliably help communicate any status and scheduled maintenance. 

Other features include email and SMS alerts, chat integration to edit status pages from Slack, incident templates, and response time display. Statuspage also allows integration with many third-party services and embedding of status and metrics.

Statuspage – How Much Does a Status Page Cost?

Statuspage offers a free plan and four pricing plans depending on the type of website status page you need.

A free plan includes a public status page, 100 subscribers, 2 team members, 2 metrics, email notifications, Slack notifications, and our REST API.

The Hobby plan is made for smaller companies and suits anyone who simply needs a status page. The cost is $29 per month and the plan includes 250 subscribers, 5 team members, 5 metrics, email notifications, basic customization, status, and authenticated API.

The Startup plan is made for upcoming companies. It costs $99 per month and offers 1,000 subscribers, 10 team members, 10 metrics, email/SMS/webhook notifications, custom CSS, status and authenticated API, and team member SSO.

The Business plan costs $399 per month and offers 5,000 subscribers, 25 team members, 25 metrics, email/SMS/webhook notifications, custom CSS/HTML/JS, status and authenticated API, team member SSO, and component subscriptions. Yearly PO and invoicing are available.

Every Cloud Vendor's Status in One Place

Enterprise costs $1,499 per month. The plan offers all the features mentioned in the Business plan. The main differences include 25,000 subscribers, 50 team members, and 50 metrics. 

For private status pages to communicate with your employees or audience-specific status pages – has different pricing plans starting from $79 per month.

Category: hosted status page service.

FireHydrant Pricing and Overview

status page cost
Demo of the status page FireHydrant

FireHydrant is an incident management tool for teams that automates responding to downtime incidents. Their service provides automated runbooks and is based on their founders’ years of experience as site reliability engineers. The product follows best practices but is completely configurable to your needs.

FireHydrant Status Page Cost

Included in their free plan is a public status page with the full gamut of usual features such as component statuses and severity levels.

A free tier is designed for a small team and offers a single public status page, 10 users, 2 runbooks, 5 services, and SSO.

The Enterprise pricing plan is for larger companies with unlimited features and dedicated support. It is available upon request. 

Category: incident management software.

UptimeRobot Pricing and Overview

status page cost
Demo of the status page by UptimeRobot

UptimeRobot was launched in early 2010 as a free status monitoring solution for everyone. This service allows you to check your site every five minutes and receive alerts whenever downtime occurs.

Now, UptimeRobot offers a paid plan that includes more features and a public status page. The paid plan includes more checks and comes with 50 server locations to monitor and verify your site’s downtime from across the world. UptimeRobot is a good choice for those who mostly want to ping their site and have a public display of that ping history.

UptimeRobot Status Page Cost

UptimeRobot offers two pricing plans.

A free plan includes 50 monitors, 5-minute monitoring intervals, 1 status page, and 3 months of logs.

The Solo plan starts at $7 per month and includes a basic status page with up to 50 monitors, 1-minute monitoring intervals, HTTP, port, ping, and keyword monitors, and 9 integrations.

The Team plan starts at $29 per month and includes full-feature status pages with up to 100 monitors, 12 integrations, 3 notification contacts, and 3 logins.

The Enterprise plan includes custom numbers of monitors and high-priority support. The price is available upon request.

Category: uptime monitoring service.

Freshping Pricing and Overview

status page cost

Created by Freshworks, Freshping is a good choice for those already in the Freshworks ecosystem. It’s primarily a service to monitor the status of websites and applications. They offer a status page with instant downtime alerts from 10 different locations around the world, ensuring you’ll be alerted in less than 60 seconds if your website goes down.

They also offer multi-channel integrations with Slack, Twilio, email, and even SMS. Their multi-user login function allows up to 30 people to log on to the service, allowing users to receive instant downtime alerts and weekly reports.

Freshping Status Page Cost

Freshworks suspended their Freshping service. Currently, the status page is available only on the PRO plan for $95 per month within the Freshservice plan.

A free plan is not offered any longer as well.

The Blossom plan costs $11 per month and includes 12 users, 10 integrations, 12-month data retention, reports and logs, advanced monitoring, settings, and alerting.

The Garden plan costs $36 per month and includes 80 checks, 20 users, 15 integrations, 24-month data retention, and SSL monitoring.

Category: website and application status monitoring.

Site24x7 Pricing and Overview

status page cost
Status page demo by Site24x7

Site24x7 comes equipped with some powerful functions and monitoring of websites, services, networks, and applications. Site24x7 offers a status page as a secondary feature.

Site24x7 has a stand-alone service, StatusIQ, to host status pages. Interestingly, their website says that the status page with StatusIQ is free. However, when you click the button to create one, you land on a form to register for a 30-day trial.

It is unclear if a private status page is an option with StatusIQ. We were not able to confirm availability, while in an old thread about the private status pages, the Site24x7 representative stated that they were to launch this option soon, but no follow-up on the subject.

Site24x7 Status Page Cost

Site24x7’s StatusIQ service has a free plan.

The free plan offers one status page with 10 components, component groups, scheduled maintenance, uptime history, unlimited incident history, and a limit of 100 subscribers. This plan also offers basic branding and link customization of the page. Beware of the necessity to have Site24x7 monitors set up to use some of the StatusIQ features listed in the free plan. 

The Green plan costs $9 per month for one status page and includes up to 50 components and 250 subscribers. On top of the features in the free plan, more customization options become available, such as custom domain mapping with free SSL, and custom email to send notifications to subscribers. Automated status updates become available with API, email, or Site24x7. This plan comes with premium support, access control, and unlimited email notifications.

Additional status pages or another 250 subscribers will cost $10 per month each. To get alerted via SMS, credits have to be purchased.

In case you are already using Site24x7 as a website monitor, or an all-in-one solution, it may be useful for you to know that status pages are included in the service.

Website monitoring pricing plans range from $9 to $225 per month, and each plan includes 3 status pages with Site24x7’s StatusIQ services dedicated to status pages.

Category: performance monitoring software.

Better Uptime Pricing and Overview

status page cost
Better Uptime

Better Uptime is a monitoring and incident management platform.

With Better Uptime, a user can configure an on-call schedule and take advantage of their robust notification including a mobile app, SMS, and phone call. Better Uptime alerts users when their critical services go down and therefore enables a quick triage of the issue. 

Better Uptime offers a widget for the website, built-in website and ping monitoring, alerts by a phone call, and on-call duty scheduling, so the engineer on-call will be alerted about any issues.

Better Uptime allows users to build branded public status pages on their domain and integrate with Datadog, Grafana, Zabbix, and more.

Better Uptime Status Page Cost

There are three plans offered by Better Uptime. Public status pages are included in all the plans, however, the limits on the number of status pages allowed per each plan are not specified.

The Basic plan is free. It includes public status pages, alerts via email, Slack, MS Teams, second-by-second incident timelines, Restful HTTP API integration, basic security and privacy features, and support via email.

Freelancer costs $30 per month and includes all the features in Basic plus, customizable design of public status pages, unlimited alerts via phone calls and SMS, 30-second geo-specific checks, multi-step incident verification, heartbeat monitoring, post-mortems, historical uptime and SLA, and incident cause synthesis.

Small Team costs $80 per month and includes all features in the Freelancer plan, plus public status page subscriptions via email and API, SSL monitoring and ping every 30 seconds, on-call scheduling, collaboration, team member-based segmentation, two-factor authentication, role-based access control, and more integration options.

Business costs $150 per month and includes all the features in Small Team plus sending updates on the status changes from the user’s own domain, status page for Google Analytics pixel, Google Search opt-out, password-protected status page, embeddable system status notice, more incident monitoring, and integration options, more security features and product strategy sessions with the support team.

Enterprises can request an individual quote.

Category: performance monitoring software.

Statuspal Pricing and Overview

status page cost

Statuspal is another app that allows you to create a status monitoring page. It also enables users to implement monitoring and alerting for the company’s status updates.

Some features that make stand out are how they allow you to proactively communicate incidents and scheduled maintenance to your customers with a beautiful status page and automated subscriber notifications via SMS, email, Slack, and Twitter.

StatusPal Status Page Cost

Statuspal has four plans, however, there is no free status page plan any longer.

A trial is available, and startups can qualify for a 40% discount.

The Hobby plan costs $46 per month and includes an unlimited amount of public status pages, 5 team members, 500 subscribers, 10 monitored services, and an option to choose the language of the page.

Startup costs $99 per month and includes public and private pages, 20 team members, 1,000 subscribers, 30 monitored services, and 2 languages of the status page contents. Additional features of the plan include a calendar of uptime and an SSO.

Business costs $299 per month and includes the features of the Startup plan, 50 team members, 4,000 subscribers, 100 monitored services, and 3 languages.

Enterprise is a custom plan that can be discussed with the sales team.

Category: hosted status page service.

StatusHub Pricing and Overview

status page cost
Status page demo

StatusHub offers you clear and flexible communication with end-users via the status page to reduce the negative impact of disruption and downtime. This service allows you to schedule alerts of any future downtime and to communicate with customers in real time during outages. You’ll be able to improve customer relationships with transparency during any incident and show reliability.

StatusHub Status Page Cost

StatusHub does not have a free plan, but a trial is available on all paid plans. There are three plans for StatusHub service. All the plans include public or private status pages. The privacy settings are configured with SAML 2.0 or OAuth integrations.

The Basic plan pricing starts at $49 per month and includes 5 team members, 250 subscribers, 600 SMS credits per month, email notifications, API support, StatusHub subdomain, and fixed StatusHub branding.

Standard costs $99 per month and includes 10 team members, 750 subscribers, 1,200 SMS credits per month, email notifications, webhook notifications,  API  support, custom subdomain with SSL, and the ability to remove StatusHub branding.

Premium costs $299 per month and includes features in the Standard plan, 25 team members, 3,000 subscribers, and 5,600 SMS credits per month.

Contact StatusHub for individual status page pricing.

Category: IT incident and disruption communication tool.

Hund Pricing and Overview

status page cost

Hund allows you to both manually and automatically update your status page whenever a problem occurs in your system. It can send alerts to your clients with a comprehensive explanation of the downtime. They include automated, multi-channel notifications, and custom domains (with free HTTPS), and offer a display of rich, detailed metrics.

Hund Status Page Cost

Hund’s pricing model is mostly dependent on the number of components on your status page as well as the number of separate status pages you have.

Hund’s status page cost starts at $29 per month and includes 20 components for a single status page, unlimited traffic, users, and issues. This status page pricing tier includes complete customization control, a custom domain with free HTTPS, granular subscription control, unrestricted integration, and more.

Additionally, the following features can be added to the status page: high-frequency components, more regions, managing email subscribers, embedding options, privacy controls, and SSO.

Adding another 20 components doubles the price to $58 per month.

Category: hosted status page service. Pricing and Overview

status page cost is a hosted status page with incident tracking, subscriber notifications, customization options, and much more. is developer-friendly and comes with a load of integrations such as PagerDuty, New Relic, UptimeRobot, and many more. It has the most expensive starting price point among all services we’ve unearthed here. Status Page Cost

Status page pricing plans all include status automation, planned maintenance, incident management, component subscriptions, external service monitoring, and a stats widget. pricing plans include notifications via email and webhook, Twitter broadcast, and RSS.

The Basic plan costs $79 per month and includes 5 team members, 500 subscribers, 5 different metrics, and tracking issues. 

Standard costs $149 per month and that comes with 2,000 subscribers, 20 metrics, and 20 team members. Users get a location display, calendar feed, SMS notifications, custom CSS, white-label branding, and a custom email-sending domain.

Plus costs $349 per month and the limits are as follows – 5,000 subscribers, 50 metrics, and 50 team members. Additional features include the custom HTML and JS, custom TLS / SSL certificate, private mode via SSO and IP access control, extra status page for testing, subscriber compliance tools, and custom billing.

The Enterprise plan starts at $999 per month, and more details are available upon contacting does not offer a free plan or trial.

Category: hosted status page service.

StatusCast Pricing and Overview

status page cost
Status pages demo by StatusCast

StatusCast is an incident management solution. It also offers status pages to display information about incidents and planned maintenance. StatusCast enables communication via Slack, SMS, and email. The solution is automatically integrated with the status of various cloud-based services and is completely customizable. 

StatusCast Status Page Cost

Similarly to pricing, Statuscast has separate plans for public and private status pages.

Public status page pricing ranges from $50 to $1,600 per month.

The Starter plan cost starts at $50 per month for one public status page and includes 100 subscribers, 1 administrator, and 10 components. Among other features are basic branding and incident management, email and RSS notifications, and subscriber reporting.

SMB costs $99 per month and includes everything in Starter plus 2,000 subscribers, 2 administrators, 25 components, 2 component levels, 2 beacons (codeless integrations), 2 rules per beacon, and API.

Corporate costs $299 per month and includes everything in SMB plus 5,000 subscribers, 5 administrators, 35 services and components, 4 component levels, 10 beacons, 3 rules per beacon, more branding options, scheduled maintenance, subscription levels, incident library, root cause analysis, custom domain, security-driven features and more.

Enterprise costs $1,600 per month and includes everything in Corporate plus 30,000 subscribers, 10 administrators, 100 services and components, 5 component levels, 30 beacons, 10 rules per beacon, custom SMTP email services, custom EULA and SLA, 24/7 emergency support and dedicated account manager.

Every Cloud Vendor's Status in One Place

As for the private status page pricing plans, the cost starts from $99 per month for 40 subscribers for one status page. The highest tier is Enterprise, with only an annual payment option. The cost is $13,480 for 1,000 subscribers to a single private status page.

StatusCast offers a free trial.

Category: incident management and status page hosting platform.

Instatus Pricing and Overview

status page cost

Instatus is a hosted status page service that has a generous free plan. Their clean status page design shows a concise breakdown of the status of each component. An uptime history graph allows you to see the status over the past month at a glance. 

Instatus Status Page Cost also distinguishes between public and private status page pricing.

The Starter plan is free and includes unlimited users and subscribers.

Pro costs $20 per month for setting up your own domain.

Business costs $300 per month and offers 3 pages, SSO or SAML.

Enterprise – is an individual quote for a custom number of public status pages, priority support, and 99.99% uptime SLA.

Private status page pricing starts at $50 per month. A free trial is available.

Category: hosted status page service.

StatusCake Pricing and Overview

status page cost
Status page demo by StatusCake

StatusCake is a popular website uptime and performance monitoring service. It is used by large companies such as Microsoft and Netflix. 

StatusCake Pages is their hosted status page service focusing on improved communication with customers and complete transparency.

StatusCake Status Page Cost

StatusCake offers three pricing plans for their StatusCake Pages services. Their primary service – uptime monitoring also seemingly includes a public status page on the Business plan for $79.99. But it is hard to say for sure, so if you are looking into StatusCake, it is best to clarify.

The Bronze plan costs $14.95 per month and includes a single status page, 300 subscribers, 10 components (which they call services and metrics), plus email alerts.

Silver costs $49.95 per month and includes up to 5 status pages, 1,500 subscribers, 50 services and metrics, plus email and SMS alerts, password-protected access to status pages, and customizing options.

Gold costs $249.96 per month and includes all the features in the Silver plan, up to 10 status pages, 7,000 subscribers, 100 services and metrics, and IP-based access to the private pages.

Category: website monitoring software.

Oh Dear Pricing and Overview

Oh Dear status page
Oh Dear status page

Oh Dear is a website monitoring and status page hosting service from Belgian developers. On top of monitoring website uptime, the service checks SSL certificates and crawls for broken links. It is designed to be developer-friendly with a full-featured API.

Oh Dear Status Page Cost

Oh Dear pricing is based on the number of websites monitored. 

All plans include public status pages, unlimited teams and users, two-factor authentication, API, and monthly reports. Monitoring is available for uptime, performance, certificates, and more. 

The smallest amount of websites monitored is 5, and the price starts from $17 per month excluding VAT.

Category: website monitoring software.

Hyperping Pricing and Overview

Hyperping status page demo
Demo status page by Hyperping

Hyperping offers a beautifully designed uptime monitoring dashboard with a variety of metrics. Their service integrates monitoring, incident communication, and public status pages into a single unified product.

Hyperping also offers synthetic monitoring and automated performance and reliability testing using Puppeteer and Playwright.

Hyperping Status Page Cost

There are five pricing plans. Hyperping offers a free trial on all the plans.

All plans include one status page, and a Hyper-ping hosted domain.

The free plan also includes 5 monitors, SSL monitoring, 17 regions, 3-minutes interval checks, maintenance window, notifications via email, Slack and webhooks.

The Basic plan costs $29 per month and allows one user, 15 monitors, one status page, and 20 SMS notification credits.

Pro costs $79 per month and allows 5 users, 50 monitors, 75 SMS credits, plus unlimited public and private status pages, custom domain, grouped services, manual components, 500 subscribers, subscriber notifications, and SMS alerts.

Business costs $199 per month and includes all the features of the Pro plan plus 15 users, 250 monitors, 200 SMS credits, 1,000 subscribers, and instant alerts.

Enterprise is a custom plan available via contacting the Hyperping sales team.

Category: uptime monitoring, incident management, and status page software.

Uptime Pricing and Overview

Uptime status page
Uptime status page is primarily a monitoring tool for websites. It checks your website availability at one-minute intervals from 30 different locations across 6 continents. They notify of the downtime via SMS, email, or phone call. In addition to providing detailed uptime reports, offers status pages. 

Uptime Status Page Cost

Uptime has two pricing options that include status pages both public and private. Their Starter plan does not offer a status page. A free trial is available on all the plans.

The Essential plan costs $79 per month and includes 30 checks, 1 system status page, 250 status page subscribers, one user, and saves 6 months of historical data.

Premium costs $449 per month and includes 200 checks, 5 status pages, 1,000 subscribers, unlimited users, SSO, and saves 24 months of historical data.

The Custom plan includes individual pricing and can be discussed with the Uptime reps.

Category: website monitoring software.

StatusDashboard Pricing and Overview

status page cost
Status page demo by StatusDashboard

StatusDashboard offers public status dashboards to communicate with customers during system outages and scheduled maintenance.

The tool supports customization, and multiple notification channels including web, mobile, email, SMS, webhooks, Slack, Teams, and more. 

Several status dashboards are available within the same account if users need production and development or public and private separation. Integration with the StatusDashboard API is available for more complex functionality.

StatusDashboard Status Page Cost

StatusDahboard has a free trial and three pricing plans.

A free trial becomes available upon signing up. For 30 days users may try all the features. When the trial period ends, users are prompted to select a paid plan.

The Basic plan costs $29 per month for one status dashboard, 5 services, access for 2 admins, a subdomain (SSL), 50 email subscribers, and 1,000 email alerts.

Team costs $99 per month for one status dashboard, 25 services, access for 5 admins, a subdomain (SSL), 1,000 email subscribers, 100 webhook subscribers, 10,000 email alerts, 1,000 SMS, and 1,000 webhook alerts. Also, this plan allows adding 10 items to a whitelist.

Pro costs $299 per month for two status dashboards, 100 services, access for 15 admins, a subdomain (SSL), 3,000 email subscribers, 500 webhook subscribers, 100,000 email alerts, 5,000 SMS, and 5,000 webhook alerts, 50 whitelisted items, API, uptime reports, integrations, log in with Google, SAML SSO, digital signs, domain alias (SSL), white-label, event templates, export, and tags.

The Enterprise plan includes all the features in the Pro plan with the possibility to extend limitations on features, dedicated SMTP IP, and SMS number.

Category: hosted status dashboard. Pricing and Overview

Staytus demo status page website is an open-source status page. The service does not offer many customizing options, however, promises a simple, and responsive theme.

As for its features, status updates are done via JSON API from external sources. Otherwise, a user has to manually publish issues, updates, and maintenance alerts via admin UI.

Beware that the HTTP:// version of the website does not automatically redirect to a secure HTTPS:// website.

Staytus Status Page Cost

The service is open-source and thus – free. However, consider the cost of hosting your status page.

Category: open-source status pages.

EarlyPing Pricing and Overview

Status page EarlyPing
Status page demo by EarlyPing

EarlyPing is an IT infrastructure monitoring platform for uptime and performance. The software monitors the uptime of the web application, website, API, ping, POP3, IMAP, SMTP, and DNS. EarlyPing monitors networks from 20 global locations.

Notifications are sent via SMS, email, Slack, or a phone call.

EarlyPing offers both public and private status pages that can be branded and customized.

EarlyPing Status Page Cost

EarlyPing offers unlimited status pages across all the plans, however, a private status page becomes available with upper-tier plans. 

A free plan includes ten monitors (services that track your website, app, or IP), REST API access, unlimited notifications, weekly email reports, access to all ping regions, unlimited projects, support via live chat & email, basic web analytics, and PerfMax Insights.

The Basic plan costs $29.99 and includes all the features from a free plan, 25 monitors, one custom domain for status pages, analytics for status pages, QR code status page, advanced web analytics, heatmaps and session replays, unlimited projects and SMS notifications, 1-minute or 60-minutes check interval.

Essential costs $99.99 per month and includes all the features in the Basic plan, plus 100 monitors, unlimited custom domains for status pages, private status pages, removable branding, and an option to block SE indexing.

Premium costs $199.99 per month and includes all the features from the Essential plan. Additionally, users get 300 monitors, custom integration support, and dedicated onboarding.

Category: IT infrastructure monitoring system.

MyStatusPage Pricing and Overview

status page cost
Status page demo by MyStatusPage

It appears that MyStatusPage is no longer available. If you are looking for an IT status page – try StatusGator for a reasonable price offering the unique feature of aggregating all the third-party vendors’ statuses on a single status page.

Pingr Pricing and Overview as a status page service does not exist anymore. Therefore, we suggest reviewing StatusGator if you are looking for public and private status pages and would like to monitor the status of the third-party services conveniently.

StatusGator Eats Support Tickets for Lunch

Status Page Cost Summary

As you can see, the functionality of each of these services differs. Some do website monitoring services, while others operate mainly as hosted status pages. Choosing the right one comes down to which suits your needs the best and if it fits your price range.

We don’t endorse any particular service but we have some advice about what makes a great status page. Having a status page is important for transparency and reducing the support requests burden. 

With StatusGator, you can communicate the status of your website with clients and partners for one of the lowest costs on the market. Also, you can monitor the status of your hosting provider, your cloud provider, your email integration, your helpdesk software, and more. This way, you can stay on top of outages that affect your customers and keep your status page updated. You can post an outage to let your audience know you are working on the issue. Aggregating the status pages of all your dependencies is what StatusGator does.

We would love to hear your feedback on how we could improve our product.

FAQ on Status Page Pricing in 2023

Q: How much does Statuspage cost?

A: Statuspage prices start at $29 per month for public status pages and from $50 for private status pages. In case you are interested in having both public and private status pages, AND monitoring your cloud dependencies and other websites –  check out StatusGator, a status aggregation platform. A free sign-up is available here.

Q: Does Statuspage offer a free plan?

A: Statuspage offers a free plan on a public status page and limits to 100 subscribers,  2 team members, 2 metrics, email notifications, and REST API.

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