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Recent Azure Alerts Outages and Issues

Follow the recent outages and downtime for Azure Alerts in the table below.

Start Time





July 07, 2023 03:53 UTC


about 5 hours

Azure Monitor - Logs Data Access Issues - Investigating

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Start Time

July 07, 2023 03:53 UTC

Affected Components

West US - Log Analytics

East US 2 - Application Insights

Canada East - Log Analytics

Brazil South - Log Analytics

Non-Regional - Activity Log

East US - Application Insights

Central US - Application Insights

North Central US - Application Insights

South Central US - Application Insights

West US - Application Insights

West US 2 - Application Insights

‡West US 3 - Application Insights

Canada East - Application Insights

Canada Central - Application Insights

Brazil South - Application Insights

Brazil Southeast - Application Insights

West Europe - Application Insights

France Central - Application Insights

France South - Application Insights

UK West - Application Insights

UK South - Application Insights

Switzerland North - Application Insights

Switzerland West - Application Insights

Norway East - Application Insights

Norway West - Application Insights

Germany North - Application Insights

‡Sweden Central - Application Insights

‡Sweden South - Application Insights

Southeast Asia - Application Insights

East Asia - Application Insights

Australia East - Application Insights

Australia Southeast - Application Insights

Australia Central - Application Insights

Australia Central 2 - Application Insights

Central India - Application Insights

South India - Application Insights

South Africa West - Application Insights

South Africa North - Application Insights

UAE Central - Application Insights

‡Qatar Central - Application Insights

Jio India West - Application Insights

Jio India Central - Application Insights

Non-Regional - Diagnostic Logs

East US - Log Analytics

East US 2 - Log Analytics

Central US - Log Analytics

North Central US - Log Analytics

West US 2 - Log Analytics

‡West US 3 - Log Analytics

Canada Central - Log Analytics

Brazil Southeast - Log Analytics

North Europe - Log Analytics

West Europe - Log Analytics

France Central - Log Analytics

France South - Log Analytics

Australia East - Log Analytics

Australia Southeast - Log Analytics

Australia Central - Log Analytics

Australia Central 2 - Log Analytics

Central India - Log Analytics

South India - Log Analytics

Japan East - Log Analytics

Japan West - Log Analytics

Korea Central - Log Analytics

Korea South - Log Analytics

South Africa North - Log Analytics

UAE Central - Log Analytics

UAE North - Log Analytics

Jio India Central - Log Analytics

Non-Regional - Alerts

‡Sweden South - Log Analytics

UAE North - Application Insights

North Europe - Application Insights

Norway West - Log Analytics

Germany North - Log Analytics

Germany West Central - Log Analytics

‡Sweden Central - Log Analytics

Japan East - Application Insights

Japan West - Application Insights

Korea Central - Application Insights

Korea South - Application Insights

Southeast Asia - Log Analytics

East Asia - Log Analytics

UK West - Log Analytics

UK South - Log Analytics

Switzerland North - Log Analytics

Switzerland West - Log Analytics

Norway East - Log Analytics

South Central US - Log Analytics

West Central US - Log Analytics

Germany West Central - Application Insights

‡Qatar Central - Log Analytics


Azure Monitor - Logs Data Access Issues - Investigating


Impact Statement: Starting at 23:15 UTC on 06 Jul 2023,customers using Azure Monitor may experience issues with logs data access, data gaps, and missed or latent alerts.
Current Status: We are aware of this issue and are actively investigating. The next update will be provided within 3 hours, or as events warrant.
This message was last updated at 03:52 UTC on 07 July 2023

July 03, 2019 07:04 UTC


about 1 hour

Information Diagnostic logs, Autoscale, Classic Alerts (v2) - Investigating

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Start Time

July 03, 2019 07:04 UTC

Affected Components

Non-Regional - Alerts

East US - AutoScale

East US 2 - AutoScale

Central US - AutoScale

North Central US - AutoScale

South Central US - AutoScale

West Central US - AutoScale

West US - AutoScale

West US 2 - AutoScale

Canada East - AutoScale

Canada Central - AutoScale

Brazil South - AutoScale

Non-Regional - Diagnostic Logs

North Europe - AutoScale

West Europe - AutoScale

UK West - AutoScale

UK South - AutoScale

Southeast Asia - AutoScale

East Asia - AutoScale

Australia East - AutoScale

Australia Southeast - AutoScale

Australia Central - AutoScale

Australia Central 2 - AutoScale

Central India - AutoScale

West India - AutoScale

South India - AutoScale

Japan East - AutoScale

Japan West - AutoScale

Korea Central - AutoScale

Korea South - AutoScale

UAE Central - AutoScale

UAE North - AutoScale


Information Diagnostic logs, Autoscale, Classic Alerts (v2) - Investigating

No outages or status changes in the last 24 hours

Azure Alerts status, last 24 hours:

3:00 AM
9:00 AM
3:00 PM
9:00 PM
3:00 AM
3:00 AM
3:00 PM
3:00 AM
  • Up: 24 hours

  • Warn: 0 minutes

  • Down: 0 minutes

Azure Alerts Outage and Status History

We've been monitoring Azure Alerts outages since March 22, 2015.
Here's the history of service outages we've observed from the Azure Alerts Status Page:

April 2024

March 2024

February 2024

  • Up

  • Warn

  • Down

Instant enriched data from
3,580 status pages

About Our Azure Alerts Status Page Integration

Azure Alerts is a Cloud Infrastructure and Microsoft solution that StatusGator has been monitoring since March 2015. Over the past about 9 years, we have collected data on on more than 1,769 outages that affected Azure Alerts users. When Azure Alerts publishes downtime on their status page, they do so across 5,770 components and 63 groups using 3 different statuses: up, warn, and down which we use to provide granular uptime metrics and notifications.

More than 2,300 StatusGator users monitor Azure Alerts to get notified when it's down or has an outage. This makes it one of the most popular cloud infrastructure services monitored on our platform. We've sent more than 162,600 notifications to our users about Azure Alerts incidents, providing transparency and peace of mind. You can get alerts by signing up for a free StatusGator account.

If Azure Alerts is having system outages or experiencing other critical issues, red down notifications appear on the status page. In most cases, it means that core functions are not working properly, or there is some other serious customer-impacting event underway.

Warn notifications are used when Azure Alerts is undergoing a non-critical issue like minor service issues, performance degradation, non-core bugs, capacity issues, or problems affecting a small number of users.

Azure Alerts does not post separate notifications for planned maintenance work so we are unable to send notifications when maintenance windows begin. If you need Azure Alerts maintenance notifications, please email us.

Azure Alerts does not publish a feed of proactive maintenance events on their status page at this time. If they do, be sure to let us know and we'll aggregate Azure Alerts maintenance events into your unified calendar.

When Azure Alerts posts issues on their status page, we collect the main headline message and include that brief information or overview in notifications to StatusGator subscribers.

When Azure Alerts has outages or other service-impacting events on their status page, we pull down the detailed informational updates and include them in notifications. These messages often include the current details about how the problem is being mitigated, or when the next update will occur.

Because Azure Alerts has several components, each with their individual statuses, StatusGator can differentiate the status of each component in our notifications to you. This means, you can filter your status page notifications based on the services, regions, or components you utilize. This is an essential feature for complex services with many components or services spread out across many regions.

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