Supported Features

  • Down notifications
  • Warn notifications
  • Differentiates maintenance notices
  • Status message overview
  • Status message details
  • Component status filtering

Notification Frequency

  • Averages less than 1 per week
  • There were 1 WARN notices last 30 days
  • There were 0 DOWN notices last 30 days

Status History

Monitoring since November 10, 2019

Recent Events

Start Time Type Length Message Details
March 09, 2020 03:49 UTC WARN about 11 hours Customer and User search is failing for some Atlassian Cloud instances. Identified - We have identified the root cause of the issue with searching customers and users. W...
March 01, 2020 07:14 UTC WARN about 4 hours Some Jira instances are throwing 500 errors and cannot be accessed Update - We are continuing to investigate the issues impacting some Jira Cloud customers. We will...
February 22, 2020 03:20 UTC WARN 3 days Minor Service Outage
February 13, 2020 10:39 UTC WARN about 1 hour Label Editing Issue Investigating - We are investigating an issue with label editing that is impacting some Jira Soft...
February 05, 2020 16:04 UTC WARN about 12 hours Microsoft logins experiencing issues Update - We continue to work on resolving the login difficulties on Microsoft. We have identified...
January 23, 2020 02:54 UTC WARN about 19 hours Minor Service Outage
January 22, 2020 21:54 UTC WARN about 1 hour Increased latency in user searches Identified - We are investigating cases of degraded performance for the user search component aff...
January 22, 2020 06:34 UTC WARN about 4 hours User search is currently operating in a degraded state in some regions Identified - User search is currently operating in a degraded state in some regions.User mentions...