Heroku Status up

Supported Features

  • Down notifications
  • Warn notifications
  • Differentiates maintenance notices
  • Status message overview
  • Status message details

Notification Frequency

  • Averages less than 1 per day
  • There were 11 WARN notices last 30 days
  • There were 0 DOWN notices last 30 days

Status History

Monitoring since December 18, 2014

Recent Events

Start Time Type Length Message Details
May 24, 2018 22:02 UTC WARN 10 minutes Heroku CLI login issue The bug has been resolved, and running heroku update to ensure you're on the latest version will ...
May 24, 2018 07:07 UTC WARN 20 minutes Heroku Exec Availability We are investigating issues with the Heroku Exec service.
May 23, 2018 19:47 UTC WARN 30 minutes Log views not available This issue is now fixed. We are continuing to monitor for recurrences.
May 19, 2018 07:22 UTC WARN 35 minutes Potential Platform Issues Engineers discovered an issue with builds and API starting at 6:05am UTC. This has been resolved ...
May 10, 2018 02:26 UTC WARN 31 minutes Increased errors in starting dynos From around 2018-05-10 01:27 UTC, error rates in dyno starts are back within the normal ranges. E...
May 09, 2018 12:48 UTC WARN about 2 hours Release phase apps unable to deploy A patch has been deployed and systems seem to be returning to normal. Engineers are continuing to...
May 08, 2018 15:02 UTC WARN 25 minutes Investigating issues with git access We're investigating an issue with git integration
May 07, 2018 04:57 UTC WARN about 2 hours Automated Certificate Management Failures SSL certificates issued through ACM are failing to be provisioned. Engineers are currently lookin...
May 01, 2018 00:02 UTC WARN 39 minutes Increased latency for SNI endpoints Our engineers have confirmed the increased latency for our SNI endpoints and have mitigated the i...
April 30, 2018 11:42 UTC WARN about 7 hours Heroku Exec and Dashboard Metrics Availability Dashboard metrics and Heroku Exec are now working as expected. We're continuing to monitor the...