Supported Features

  • Down notifications
  • Warn notifications
  • Differentiates maintenance notices
  • Status message overview
  • Status message details
  • Component status filtering

Notification Frequency

  • Averages less than 1 per week
  • There were 1 WARN notices last 30 days
  • There were 0 DOWN notices last 30 days

Status History

Monitoring since May 11, 2015

Recent Events

Start Time Type Length Message Details
February 24, 2020 18:46 UTC WARN 25 minutes We are currently investigating a possible issue impacting VI transcriptions Identified - The issue has been identified and recovery is in progress. Feb 24, 10:53 PST
November 26, 2019 11:01 UTC WARN about 5 hours Audio issues with local calls in Germany Update - A fix has been implemented on our side to resolve this issue. Our initial tests have con...
October 10, 2019 20:45 UTC WARN about 1 hour Investigating issue with Outbound calling and VoiceAI Monitoring - A fix has been implemented and we are monitoring the results. Oct 10, 14:35 PDT
September 30, 2019 00:22 UTC DOWN about 3 hours Outbound calling down in New Zealand Update - The issue with calling to New Zealand was isolated and resolved. All services are back u...
August 22, 2019 05:30 UTC WARN 25 minutes Inbound calls to Philippines numbers not connecting Update - We are continuing to investigate this issue. Aug 21, 22:29 PDT
August 22, 2019 04:52 UTC DOWN 38 minutes Inbound calls not connecting, EF Cebu Philippines Office Investigating - Outage reported for all inbound calls to Cebu Philipines Office for EF, Request #...
August 19, 2019 19:14 UTC WARN about 2 hours Google Login Issues Monitoring - No update from Google yet, but we're seeing improved levels of successful authentica...
August 05, 2019 08:21 UTC WARN about 2 hours Outbound calls not going through to some mobile carriers in Vietnam Identified - We've identified and resolved the initial issue with calls not going through. We are...
July 30, 2019 08:45 UTC WARN about 2 hours Inbound calling issue in South Africa Investigating - We are currently investigating reports of inbound calls not going through to numb...
June 19, 2019 15:07 UTC DOWN about 1 hour Inbound calling failing to Portugal Update - We are continuing to investigate this issue. Jun 19, 08:49 PDT