Supported Features

  • Down notifications
  • Warn notifications
  • Differentiates maintenance notices
  • Status message overview
  • Status message details

Notification Frequency

  • Averages less than 1 per week
  • There were 2 WARN notices last 30 days
  • There were 0 DOWN notices last 30 days

Status History

Monitoring since July 8, 2015

Recent Events

Start Time Type Length Message Details
August 31, 2019 13:26 UTC WARN about 7 hours Partially Degraded Service
August 20, 2019 01:30 UTC WARN 22 minutes Partially Degraded Service
August 04, 2019 12:53 UTC WARN 11 minutes Increase in error rate for some of our customers Investigating - We detected an increase in error rate for some of our customers.Upload, newly der...
July 17, 2019 09:33 UTC WARN about 9 hours Media Library users can't access shared folders from the main folder grid Identified - We have identified the issue. It affects a small percentage of our customers who are...
July 11, 2019 19:22 UTC WARN about 2 hours MetaDefender add-on delays Identified - Customers using the MetaDefender add-on may experience delays when approving uploads...
April 29, 2019 16:33 UTC WARN about 1 hour Elevated error rate in new resources generation (uploads and new derived) Monitoring - A fix has been implemented and we are monitoring the results. Apr 29, 13:30 EDT
March 22, 2019 18:25 UTC WARN about 2 hours Partially Degraded Service
March 14, 2019 13:31 UTC WARN about 1 hour Service degradation in Image uploading and manipulation Update - Our upload, APIs and delivery are fully functional. We are still working on fixing the M...
March 07, 2019 20:24 UTC WARN about 4 hours Media library indexing issue Update - The fix has been successful and the backlog of updating the media library with changes i...
February 08, 2019 09:01 UTC WARN 25 minutes Elevated error rates in uploads and transformations Investigating - We are seeing a low percentage of errors in uploads and generation of new transfo...