StatusGator Has A New Look – Monitoring Statuses Just Got Better

Hi! 👋 Colin, the creator of StatusGator, here with big news.

TL;DR We just rolled out a massive update (with 7+ new features) and redesigned the entire website.

One thing we often heard from people seeing StatusGator for the first time is that it had a rather outdated look. Landing on our website, many people got the impression StatusGator was created 10 years ago and forgotten about. Well, they are partially right: I did create StatusGator 7 years ago and for a while I was quite proud of it.

But in the last few years, Andy and I have been regularly responding to your excellent feedback and improving the product bit-by-bit. We’re now working on StatusGator every day and constantly adding new features and enhancements. But it’s time StatusGator got a brand new look.

Launching today is our new look and feel. But if you haven’t visited StatusGator in a while, you may not realize all the major features we’ve silently added in the last few months. Read on!

Major updates

1. Public Status Dashboards

Keep your team and users up-to-date by publishing the status of all your cloud dependencies on a single page.

Our brand-new public status dashboard templates launch today, customizable with your logo. Our new templates have not only a customizable title but also a subtitle you can change. In addition to the new look and feel, our new templates will show services with ongoing incidents at the top automatically, helping to increase visibility. And if the status pages are publishing messages such as a summary of the incident, these will also show in our new status dashboards.

Public dashboard

2. Multiple Dashboards

Manage multiple teams or departments by organizing sets of service dependencies and their notification preferences into separate dashboards.

Creating and managing dashboards

With the change to multiple dashboards comes a new UI across our top navigation bar. On the left, you will see the name of the dashboard you’re currently viewing and maintaining. If your account has multiple dashboards (supported on the Start Up plan and above), and your user is assigned access to multiple dashboards, you will also a drop down menu on the right side which you can use to change the current dashboard.

Multiple dashboard links now show in the top navigation.

3. StatusHub and Statuspage Integration

We’ve been testing integration with StatusHub and Statuspage for a while with great results. Incorporate the status of your cloud services into your public status page.

StatusHub and Status Page integration

4. Maintenance Feeds

Browse a list of upcoming scheduled maintenance across all your cloud dependencies. Some status pages public maintenance proactively, and StatusGator collects that into a single feed for you. Supported on all our plans, Proactive Maintenance gives you a bird ‘ s-eye view of all the upcoming maintenance affecting your providers.

Maintenance feed

5. Single Sign On (SSO)

Integration with SAML so your entire team can access StatusGator without separate logins and passwords. This long-requested feature is now available on our Team and Corporate plans. Rejoice, security-minded enterprises!

Configuring Single Sign-On

6. Public Roadmap: Vote for Features!

You can suggest new features to us and vote for the features on our list. Trust me, we want to know. So, if you have any suggestions, please add them to our roadmap or vote on existing suggestions.

StatusGator public roadmap.

7. Public Changelog

StatusGator’s new public changelog

Although we’ve been working hard at adding new features steadily for the past several years, we haven’t done a great job of communicating those new features. But as of today, we’re publishing a changelog of all the updates we make to StatusGator.

Thank you for your feedback!

I hope you are as excited about the new design of StatusGator as we are. We put a lot of work into it and we’re really proud to plant this new foundation. We have big things already planned for the rest of 2021 and even bigger things planned in 2022. We hope you enjoy the transparency and provider accountability that StatusGator brings you and we thank you for your support and feedback. Please share your opinion with us!