June product updates

Service directory

You can now access our extensive service directory directly from your StatusGator account, putting status information for over 3,900 services at your fingertips. We know that it’s sometimes hard to think of all the things you depend on or even to know what to search for. That’s why we’ve implemented this convenient browsable interface where you can filter by use case or category. Whether you’re a sysadmin in a school, DevOps lead, or IT manager in the corporate office, you can find all the services you depend on.

If you don’t find the service you need in our directory, don’t worry. You can easily request its addition using the link at the top of the service directory page.

Early Warning Signals are coming!

Get notified via email of potential issues we detect before the provider reports them on their status page. Our Early Warning Signals feature allows you to get notified when other StatusGator users are experiencing issues with a service that are not yet reflected on their official status page. We all know that dreaded status page update delay can be excruciating but StatusGator is here to help. Want access to this awesome new feature? Request it here and we’ll put you into the beta.

Custom email branding

Customers on our Enterprise plan can make their emails look more professional by adding their own logo and sender details. You can now submit a request with your logo, sender email, and mailing address, and we’ll make it happen. If you’re not on the Enterprise plan but still want custom email branded, we offer it as an add-on to other plans. Just reach out to us or read more about the feature on the help portal.

A ton of new services

More services each month! This month, we added another batch of service monitors to StatusGator. Among the latest additions are Renaissance Learning, one of the most frequently-requested tools for educational customers. Plus, Rootnet, Domain Forward, Reactify, JetRails, and numerous others. Can’t find your essential service? Just request it here, and we’ll get it added – usually within 24 hours.

Get ready for more updates next month! We’re always working to make StatusGator even better, thanks to your suggestions. Keep sharing your ideas. Should you need any assistance or wish to request a feature, our team is here.

Thank you for choosing StatusGator!