Now you can pause website monitors!

Keeping track of your website’s performance is crucial, but there are times when you need to temporarily halt monitoring without removing the website from your list. We are excited to introduce a new feature that makes this possible: the “Pause Monitor” option.

How to use the “Pause Monitor” feature

Pausing website monitoring is simple and intuitive. Follow these steps to temporarily stop status updates for any monitored website:

  1. Navigate to the monitor list and find the website you wish to pause.
  2. Click on the context menu (represented by three dots icon) next to the website name and choose the “Pause Monitor” option.

That’s it! The monitoring for the selected website will be paused, meaning you won’t receive status updates until you resume monitoring. The website monitor will remain in your list (on your board and status page), allowing you to easily restart monitoring when needed.

When you pause the monitoring of a website, you will see a greyed-out status tag and a pause icon on the board. This visual indication ensures you can easily identify which websites are currently not being actively monitored. On the status page, users will see the latest status, but it won’t be updated during the pause, and your status page subscribers won’t be notified of any status changes accordingly.

Why Pause Website Monitoring?

The “Pause Monitor” feature is designed to provide flexibility and control over your website monitoring. Here are a few scenarios where this feature is particularly useful:

1. Scheduled Maintenance

When the website is undergoing scheduled maintenance and you want to avoid receiving unnecessary alerts and prevent your status page subscribers from being notified.

2. Temporary Content Changes

If there are temporary content changes that you are already aware of and do not need to be notified about, avoiding unnecessary alerts for both you and your status page subscribers.

3. Known Outages or Intermittent Availability

During known outages or intermittent availability, so you and your status page subscribers don’t get repeated notifications for an issue that is already being addressed.

Resuming Monitoring

Once you’re ready to start receiving status updates again, simply revisit the context menu and select the “Resume Monitor” option. Your monitoring will pick up right where it left off, ensuring you stay informed about your website’s performance.

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