May product updates

Let’s recap all the product updates we rolled out in May!

Big update: Meet Custom monitors and Incidents!

In case you missed it, we’re excited to remind you that StatusGator now supports Custom monitors! These customizable items on your board and status page give you full control over their status via incidents.

Custom Monitors have many uses:

  • Internal status pages: Display the status of your network, wifi, or other systems and services that are not actively monitored by StatusGator.
  • Customer-facing, public status pages: Manually communicate the status of your software and systems with your customers or end-users. In most circumstances, you would not want automated monitoring alerts going to your customers. Instead, you use Custom Monitors and Incidents to communicate outages to your customers via your status page.
  • Integrate with a third-party monitoring tool to send status updates to StatusGator via the API.

Learn more about Custom monitors and Incidents on our support portal!

Helpdesk integrations are here!

As you may know, StatusGator status pages allow end-users to submit what we call issue reports – problems with services that may not yet appear on your status page. You have always been able to get notified via email of those. But now you can also receive issue reports as tickets in your helpdesk. Integrations with Freshdesk, Freshservice or Zendesk have just been released. Simply set up one of the helpdesk integrations and enable “Get helpdesk tickets for reported issues” option in your status page settings.

Status page: Links

Now you can enhance your status pages by adding custom links, providing more information and resources right where your audience needs them. Here’s what you can do with this new feature:

  • Link your logo to your website
  • Add a support link to the footer
  • Add more links, such as links to your social media profiles like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or any other platform

Status data API: available to all!

We’ve opened up the StatusGator API to all users on all plans — even the Free plan. Previously, our REST API was a feature only of our higher level plans. But we’ve opened up the API to all plans to allow more people to take advantage of our status data. The API limits vary by plan but are generous enough to use in real-time dashboards, monitoring tools, and other uses. Check limits for your plan in the comparison table, and if have any questions or need a hand getting started, just give us a shout at We’re here to help!

Custom icons for every monitor

You have the ability to upload custom icons for any monitor, including service monitors. Previously, you were stuck with the platform-provided icon for services monitors. This enhancement is all about giving you more control and customization. Simply navigate to the monitor configure page, upload your custom icon, and save your changes! We suggest PNG format in a square aspect ratio for the best look.

Pause Website monitors

Need to pause website monitoring? Now you can. Simply open the website monitor context menu and select the “Pause Monitor” option. This will temporarily stop status updates while keeping your website monitor in the list. This feature is useful if you’re monitoring a website you rely on, such as:

  • When the website is undergoing scheduled maintenance and you want to avoid receiving unnecessary alerts.
  • If there are temporary content changes that you are already aware of and do not need to be notified about.
  • During known outages or intermittent availability, so you don’t get repeated notifications for an issue that is already being addressed.

New services

More services each month! This month, we added another batch of service monitors to StatusGator. Among the latest additions are Molecule, OneTrust, FeatureBase Cloud, Foqal, MitID, AFAS, MobilePay, OnceHub, and numerous others. Can’t find your essential service? Request it here, we’ll get it added – usually within 24 hours.

Get ready for more updates next month! We’re always working to make StatusGator even better, thanks to your suggestions. Keep sharing your ideas. Should you need any assistance or wish to request a feature, our team is here.

Thank you for choosing StatusGator!